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Using a VPN is the best and the smartest way to protect your privacy and security online. Apart from that, you can use a VPN to access region-blocked websites and streaming services unavailable in India. Using an Indian IP address will limit your access to most popular streaming services and websites. The only way to get around such blocks is by using a reliable VPN service. However, not all VPN services are equal and you will need to go for a top-rated VPN service to stay secure and to enjoy the utmost internet freedom.

India has millions of internet users, but not everyone is aware of the potential threats online. This is one reason why they become an easy target for cybercriminals. Likewise, the Indian government can legally spy on its citizens and ISPs are required to keep a log of their users’ data. This means your ISP can see what you do online and see which websites you visit. Likewise, they can even throttle your bandwidth. You can get around all such issues by using a trustworthy VPN service and access the open internet securely. However, your privacy is guaranteed only if you use a trustworthy VPN service.

How to Choose a VPN for India?

There are certain features you need to look for in a VPN for India. There are paid as well as free VPN services, out of which many do more harm than good. So you need to carefully choose a VPN service that will keep your data safe and also let you access blocked content online.

A good VPN for India should offer strong encryption and all the required privacy and security features. Likewise, it must be compatible with different devices and platforms. If you are looking for a VPN for streaming or torrenting, you will want a VPN service that offers strong unblocking capabilities and P2P support. Fast connection speeds are mandatory too. In our research, we looked for the following features.

  • Strong privacy and security features
  • Not retaining activity logs
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Torrenting capability
  • Apps for different platforms like Android, iOS, etc.
Based on our research, the following are the top-rated VPN services we recommend for India. The following VPN services follow strict no-logs policy and use industry-leading AES-256 bit encryption. They offer fast speeds and are also affordable.

What is the Best VPN to use in India

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Surfshark VPN
  • PureVPN
  • VyprVPN

1. NordVPN

With more than 18 India servers, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for India. It offers top speeds and guarantees best in class privacy. You can browse the web without being monitored or tracked as NordVPN does not collect or store any user data.

Though India is a country where ISPs are required to log their customers’ data, you need not worry about your data getting exposed as NordVPN will change your IP address and keep you anonymous and secure with top-grade encryption. This way, you can be sure that your ISP cannot track your online activities.

NordVPN’s Quick Connect option will automatically connect you to the fastest and best VPN server. P2P file-sharing will be a piece of cake with NordVPN. This VPN service will provide excellent speeds for P2P sharing as it has several servers worldwide optimized for torrenting.

  • 5200+ servers in 62 countries
  • Use up to 6 devices
  • Next-generation Encryption
  • Double VPN Feature
  • Strict no-logs policy

NordVPN offers fast VPN connections. You can stay secure online and also enjoy speedy connections with NordVPN. You need not give up on speed for security and vice versa, as NordVPN is both a fast and secure VPN. You can do all that you want online, stream, torrent, browse, and more with NordVPN as it offers unlimited bandwidth.

NordVPN is compatible with mobile phones and tablets in addition to PCs. As six parallel connections are allowed, you can connect all the devices you have to the VPN at the same time. Be it iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, or Android, NordVPN has apps for all major platforms.

With blazing-fast speeds, you can unblock streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer and watch all your favorite shows. You can pay anonymously using cryptocurrency payments. If you would like to know further about the features of NordVPN and if you still have questions, you can click here to read our extensive review of NordVPN.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN with two server locations in India, Chennai, and Mumbai is one of our top VPN choices for India. ExpressVPN has a good choice of servers in over 60 locations worldwide, it supports five simultaneous connections.

ExpressVPN is an affordable yet top-rated VPN service that offers all the required security and privacy features and offers fast speeds, as well. It offers excellent easy to use mobile clients.

ExpressVPN provides the best in class security by making use of OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, IKEv2, and PPTP protocols. It does not store any data and so you need not worry about any third-party or the government spying on you. Likewise, ExpressVPN’s technical support team is available round the clock to assist users with their queries.

expressvpn logo
  • 160 server locations
  • Network Lock kill switch
  • Zero-knowledge DNS
  • VPN split tunneling
  • Stream Sports online

ExpressVPN, which is the fastest VPN, provides super-fast speeds for torrenting/P2P traffic. You can unblock any streaming service in a breeze, be it BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or HBO GO, ExpressVPN will help unblock all these services and watch shows unavailable in your region. Without any difficulty, you can watch sports from any country.

As ExpressVPN has servers across the globe, you can enjoy blistering speeds. ExpressVPN will let you access censored websites not available in India. You just have to connect to one of ExpressVPN’s IP addresses from its 160 server locations in around 100 countries worldwide, including India.

ExpressVPN has apps and clients for almost all major platforms and devices, including Android, iOS, macOS, gaming consoles, and more. You can click here to take a look at our detailed review of ExpressVPN if you still have any questions or if you wish to know more about ExpressVPN.

3. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is one of the most affordable India VPNs. It has servers in three locations in India and overall, it has 1700+ servers worldwide. At an affordable price, Surfshark VPN allows its users to secure all the devices they own. All the Indian servers are optimized for P2P traffic and they support OpenVPN/IKEv2, Private DNS, Camouflage Mode, and Extension support.

You can access all blocked global content on streaming services like Netflix in a breeze with Surfshark VPN. While you can watch all blocked content from anywhere in the world, you can also stay private and avoid surveillance of all kinds and stay invisible. This way, you can enjoy the utmost internet freedom with this VPN service.

Surfshark VPN is one of the top VPN services that take its users’ privacy and security seriously as a result of which it protects its users’ data with industry-leading encryption. Without breaking your bank, you can access anything you wish, including blocked websites, streaming services, and more, with Surfshark VPN.

  • Connect unlimited Devices
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • IP & DNS leak protection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Browser Extensions
  • Strict no-logs policy

Surfshark VPN is the best choice for people who wish to secure all devices they own and use, as it allows unlimited parallel connections. Surfshak VPN is available on Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Government surveillance is something that bothers internet users in India as the government has the legal right to spy on its citizens. You can get around such surveillance with Surfshark VPN.

Likewise, you may not be able to access streaming services that are available in India while you travel abroad. But this will no longer be a problem with Surfshark VPN as you can connect to an Indian server while you travel abroad and access your favorite content available only in India, including Hotstar India, Voot, Zee5, SonyLIV, ErosNow, and more.

We recommend going through our expert review of Surfshark VPN to make an informed decision and to get your questions answered.

4. PureVPN

PureVPN is our next choice when it comes to VPNs for India. This VPN service offers an excellent service and there are hardly any essential VPN security and privacy features that are not offered by PureVPN.

PureVPN has over 2000 servers in over 140 countries worldwide. It offers hundreds of IP addresses in India and nine servers in India. This will help Indian VPN users to unblock content while they travel abroad.

DDoS add-on, split-tunneling, industry-standard 256-bit encryption, VPN kill switch, and unlimited server switching are among the security features of PureVPN. Similarly, it also offers IPV6 and Web RTC leak protection.

Up to five different devices like mobile phones, laptops, and smart TVs can be connected to PureVPN at a time. Remember, connecting multiple devices at the same time will not result in slower connection speeds and you can always enjoy fast speeds with PureVPN.

purevpn logo
  • 6500+ Secure Servers
  • 3 Million+ Satisfied Users
  • 10-Multi Logins
  • One-click Software
  • 31-Day Refund Policy
  • 24/7 Customer Support

PureVPN supports torrenting and comes handy with a kill switch to prevent data leakage of all kinds when your VPN connection tends to drop accidentally. This is an important feature to prevent your identity from getting exposed when you use PureVPN to seed torrents.

This VPN service will be an excellent choice, even if you are traveling abroad. You can use PureVPN to access Indian streaming services like Jio, Viu, YuppTV, Voot, SonyLiv, Zee5, and more from abroad.

Reliable connections, vast server network, and its affordable price make PureVPN one of our top recommendations for India. PureVPN has a huge user base because of its extraordinary service. If you would like to know more about PureVPN before you make your choice, you can read our in-depth review of PureVPN that has detailed information on all its features.

5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is another top VPN choice for India. VyprVPN comes with all the essential VPN features and is sure to protect your privacy online. Likewise, speed will never be an issue with VyprVPN and you can enjoy fast connection speeds for streaming, torrenting, and browsing, as well.

VyprVPN, a no-logs VPN service, has over 700 self-managed servers in 60+ countries. This includes India, as well. This way, VyprVPN makes sure Indian users do not face any lags when they are connected to the VPN.

VyprVPN ensures that its users’ data remain private by making use of strong AES-256 bit encryption and by employing its proprietary Chameleon protocol in addition to OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols.

  • 160 server locations
  • Network Lock Kill switch
  • Zero-knowledge DNS
  • VPN split tunneling
  • Stream Sports online

All of VyprVPN’s servers support P2P traffic. It offers reliable and fast connection speeds for streaming HD videos. You can connect five different devices at a time without facing any kind of lag. Device compatibility is another feature that makes VyprVPN one of our top recommendations for India. Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, smart TVs, and routers are among the devices and operating systems that VyprVPN covers.

Using one of VyprVPN’s IP addresses from anywhere in the world, you can access your favorite streaming service and shows online. VyprVPN will hide the fact that you are connected to the VPN so that even your ISP or the government cannot track your online activities. This applies to third-parties like online advertisers, as well. You can access websites that are blocked in India and avoid deep packet inspection.

Likewise, when you are connected to unsecure WiFi hotspots in India, you may become an easy target for online criminals. With VyprVPN, you can prevent hackers and other cybercriminals from stealing your personal data. VyprVPN’s privacy features and its affordable price make it one of the best VPNs for India. To know more about VyprVPN, we recommend going through our in-depth review of VyprVPN.


With several VPN services available in the market, it may not be easy to choose the best VPN for India that suits all your needs. While some VPNs have servers in India, some do not. Likewise, some offer reliable connections and some do not. So it is crucial to do some serious research before you invest in a VPN. In our research, we found the above-mentioned VPNs to be the best when it comes to VPNs for India. We hope this article will help you choose the right VPN for India.

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