cybercriminals are targeting vpns
With VPN services becoming more and more popular among individuals and organizations who wish to protect their privacy online, cybercriminals are also targeting VPNs to breach into organizations. According to Cybersecurity Insiders and ZScaler, attacks against VPNs have increased and by exploiting VPNs, cybercriminals launch attacks like DDoS attacks, phishing attacks, and ransomware attacks. They exploit over 500 VPN vulnerabilities that are publicly known and steal business data.

Though VPNs help businesses and individuals encrypt and secure their data, there are also risks involved. It is important to carefully choose a VPN to make sure your business data is secure. There are many Chinese VPNs and other fake VPN services that are found to steal and sell their users’ data. They have also made such data accessible to the public. By infecting just one device or stealing credentials, cybercriminals exploit all other devices in the network. Several businesses are being targeted by cybercriminals and they put corporate data at risk by just exploiting the business’s VPN.

A good business VPN is mandatory to keep your business’s data secure, irrespective of the size of your organization. A trustworthy VPN will help keep your business data secure and protect your business network. Likewise, your employees can securely share files and other documents without worrying about third parties intercepting their information. A good VPN will mask your IP address and encrypt your traffic with military-grade 256-bit encryption.

To help you choose the right VPN for your business, we have listed below the top VPN services with solid security features and business-specific features. We have also listed a few tips to help you choose a safe and secure VPN.

Tips to Choose a Safe and Secure VPN

Here are a few tips to choose a secure VPN.


It is mandatory to choose a VPN service that offers solid security services. Make sure it offers 256-bit encryption and comes with other features like DNS leak protection, kill switch, private DNS, and more.

Device Compatibility

Device compatibility is something you will need to look for in a VPN. It has to be compatible with devices like laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, and more. Make sure it meets all the business requirements and prioritize your security and privacy.


Good speeds are essential as no one wants their connection to slow down. Check if the VPN offers good speeds before you subscribe.

Customer Support

Most VPN services do not offer prompt customer support. Go for a VPN that offers round-the-clock customer support so that you can get in touch with them at any time to get your questions answered.

Ease of Use

It is a good idea to go with a VPN that offers simple-to-use apps. Subscribe to a user-friendly VPN that can be set up easily to encrypt your business data.

Top Three Safe and Secure VPNs For Businesses

  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • Express VPN

NordVPN – #1 trustworthy VPN for businesses

NordVPN’s Nordlayer comes with excellent business-oriented features. This VPN is an excellent choice for small and large businesses, as well. It offers airtight security for businesses of all sizes.

NordVPN uses a new-gen VPN protocol, NordLynx, for faster speeds, strong security, and better connections. You can quickly integrate NordLayer with the current resources and applications, including AWS, Azure, Google Workspace, OneLogin, and more, without causing any disruption to your workforce.

NordLayer offers a central hub that will help you manage your users, payment details, security features, and your entire network. Two-factor authentication, auto-connect, ThreatBlock, custom DNS, dedicated IP, single sign-on, and jailbroken device detection are among the features of NordLayer.

  • 5200+ servers in 62 countries
  • Use up to 6 devices
  • Next-generation Encryption
  • Double VPN Feature
  • Strict no-logs policy

With all its solid security features, this VPN will keep your business’s data safe and your remote teams protected. In addition, NordLayer prevents forbidden content and access to malicious websites and apps, including gambling websites, etc.

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ExpressVPN – Fastest and security-conscious VPN for securing business data

ExpressVPN is another great choice for work. Though this VPN aims at protecting the privacy of its individual customers, it offers excellent protection for businesses and secures internet traffic for businesses, just like how it protects the privacy of individuals.

It has a vast server network and offers apps for almost all devices. This VPN is a great choice for people working from high-censorship countries as it will allow them to access the full internet without any restrictions.

It will also benefit businesses by protecting their privacy and preventing the government from monitoring them. ExpressVPN will mask the user’s IP address and encrypt their internet traffic. It doesn’t retain logs of any kind and follows a solid zero-logs policy.

expressvpn logo
  • 160 server locations
  • Network Lock kill switch
  • Zero-knowledge DNS
  • VPN split tunneling
  • Stream Sports online

Most of all, it is a RAM-based VPN; all your data will be cleared the moment your session ends. You can be assured that all your business information will remain private and secure with this VPN.

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Surfshark VPN – Pocket-friendly VPN with excellent security features

Surfshark VPN is another excellent choice for businesses. It offers all the necessary resources to secure your business’s private information. Apart from encrypting your data, Surfshark VPN will also encrypt passwords, employees’ files, and your client’s personal information, as well.

By offering top-notch security, Surfshark VPN is sure to cover all your employees, including remote employees. It will prevent unauthorized third-party access by creating an encrypted tunnel between your employees and the online resources they access. Your organization’s sensitive private data will also be hidden from prying eyes.

With this VPN, you can also offer assurance to your clients that their data will be secure with you. With the strongest encryption, Surfshark VPN will protect your network and you can be assured that hackers and cybercriminals cannot access any sensitive information.

  • Connect unlimited Devices
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • IP & DNS leak protection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Browser Extensions
  • Strict no-logs policy

Surfshark VPN’s kill switch will make sure your employees are never working or accessing resources without a VPN, as this kill switch will temporarily disable their internet connection when the VPN accidentally disconnects.

Apart from that, all its servers are RAM-based and it also follows a strict no-logs policy guaranteeing that you will be the only one who has complete control over your sensitive business data and that no one can access it.

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Getting a trustworthy VPN for your business is one of the best things you can do to secure sensitive business data. While there are hundreds of VPN services available on the market, it is crucial to pick the right VPN to stay secure, as unreliable VPN services will only cause more harm.