how to install vpn on firestick

Media streamers like Amazon Fire TV have gained a lot of popularity within a short period. It’s easy to use a cost-effective device capable of making any TV with an HDMI port to an Internet-connected streaming device where you can access numerous TV shows, movies, and other content.

Amazon media streaming players like the Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV both come with Full HD streaming and several channel options. The best part is that these devices are portable, which means it’s a great option if you’re traveling. It also comes included with other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and of course, Amazon Prime Video.

What’s Amazon Fire TV & Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Before we move further, first let’s understand what it means. Released back in 2014, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick is one of the media streaming players that offers a Full HD streaming service to watch your favorite TV show episodes and movies.

Though, both do differ in performance, as Amazon Fire TV does more work compared to Fire TV Stick, as Fire TV comes equipped with 4K resolution and HDR, with more channels and games. But there’s one sad part too. Among many of the streamed media content offered by this device, it also geo-block many regional contents, which means it can only be accessed if you’re in that particular region.

However, there’s no need to worry. You can prevent such geo-block situations using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It masks your IP address while hiding your location, which keeps you anonymous. So, if you’re trying to surf any content that’s geo-blocked from that country’s VPN server, you’ll appear as someone residing in that country.

How to Install VPN on Firestick and Amazon Fire TV

Usually, from two methods, VPN installation is chosen. You can directly install it by directly downloading the APK file or downloading it through the App Store. The method you choose to go with depends on whether your chosen VPN is listed in Fire TV’s apps, as many come listed under it, though for certain countries. If it’s not listed, then the second method can prove helpful.

Method 1 ā€“ Steps to Install a VPN From Fire TV’s App Store

If the VPN you’ve chosen to subscribe is listed on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick app store, then go through the below steps:

  • On your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, locate the Search option and type your chosen VPN name. If it shows up, then select it and move to the next step.
  • Click on the name of that VPN that shows up and then click on the Download button.
  • Once it’s downloaded, now click on an option
  • Open to launch your VPN app.
  • Now, sign into that downloaded VPN app.
  • Select the location from where you wish to connect. For instance, go for the US server if you want to be seen coming from the USA.
  • Click OK when the VPN connection request gets displayed.

Let’s get better insight using the NordVPN installation process as an example:

Mostly all the popular VPN providers are available on the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV by default in their app store. For instance, if you’ve purchased a NordVPN subscription plan, go through the below steps to install a VPN on Amazon Fire TV or Firestick.

  • First, subscribe to NordVPN if you haven’t. (It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so take advantage of it and use this opportunity to make yourself familiar.)
  • Turn on the Fire TV device and go to the home screen.
  • Select the search bar icon that looks like a magnifying glass at the top and type “NordVPN.”
  • Once the result loads, select the NordVPN app from it.
  • Select and click the Get button and wait till the NordVPN app is downloaded and installed.
  • Now that the Get button should be changed to the Open button, click on it and open NordVPN from the Apps page.
  • Once the app launches, it may ask for updates. If it prompts for an update, select Download and install and then Install the updates.
  • If prompted for login credentials, enter your username and password that you used for creating an account and subscribing for a VPN.
  • Now, select the VPN server and connect to a VPN.

Method 2 ā€“ VPN Installation Through VPN’s APK File & Direct Download

If the above method doesn’t work, and you fail to find your selected VPN subscription name in the Fire TVs App Store, try finding an APK file, and it’ll be good if it’s from their website itself instead of other sites.

  • First, locate the “Downloader” on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.
  • Click the option Downloader app and click on the button named Download.
  • Once the file is downloaded, go ahead, click the Downloader app and click the file called APK.
  • It’s usually seen on the Android App Pages.
  • After you download the APK file, you’ll be greeted by the app and if not, then go into the download section and from that, click on the APK file.
  • However, the VPN will be stored in Settings, and you won’t find it in the Apps menu.
  • Go to Settings and from that, Applications
  • Now, click the option Manage Installed Applications and locate your installed VPN app.
  • Click on that installed VPN app and select Launch Application.
  • Now, enter your login credentials and sign in into it.
  • Once you’re logged in, select a VPN server of the USA and Connect.

Prepare Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick for VPN Providers Not Listed in App Store

If you’ve subscribed to a VPN provider that isn’t listed in the Fire TV App Store, go through the below steps. It’ll show you how to get your favorite VPN on Firestick.

  • First, boot your Fire TV and go to the Settings > Device.
  • Now scroll to the Developer Options.
  • Toggle to Apps from unknown sources and select ADB debugging
  • Now, go back to the System menu and go to About.
  • Select the option Network
  • Now, write down the IP Address of your Fire TV and keep it with you.

Here’s How to Select Best VPN for Amazon Fire TV & Amazon Fire Stick

When selecting a VPN for Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick, you should look for two things – streaming speed and various US VPN servers. Some of the popular names you can think of are like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

And be sure that you don’t end up going for free ones, as mostly you’ll encounter, and it’ll look quite a lucrative offer. But be sure to avoid it because they mostly get involved in tracking user activity, which means your privacy and security stay at risk. However, even when you go for a subscription plan, make sure that you go for the VPN service that offers the latest features like a strict zero log policy, kill switch, robust encryption standard, and, most importantly, 24×7 live customer support service.

Here’s the List of VPN You Can Use for Amazon Fire TV & Amazon Fire Stick

Below is the list of five popular VPN provider that you can trust upon.

  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark VPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • VyprVPN

Common FAQs

How Do You Use a VPN for Bypassing Geo-Restrictions on Amazon Fire TV?

Go through the above guide of how to install a VPN on firestick. And once you installed it, you’ll be able to use it normally as you do on any other device.

Do You Recommend Free VPN for Watching Shows & Movies on Amazon Fire TV?

VPN servers used by everyone for viewing the content of other countries do have expenses of maintenance, and all such expenses do require money. If someone is offering free VPNs, it’s best to avoid it instead of getting lured into it because many free VPN providers get involved in tracking user’s information and data and selling it to third-parties.

However, most of all, the VPN providers offer a trial period for certain days when it comes to subscription. If you want to take the experience of a VPN before purchasing the subscription plan, then it’s best to take advantage of such things.

What VPNs Work on Fire Stick?

Most of all, the popular VPN providers like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish offer support, and the Fire TV app store offer them by default too.

Do You Need a Fire Stick VPN?

It’s best to have it as many regional series and movies broadcasted by Amazon Fire TV have a geo-restriction issue.


Similar to other streaming devices, Amazon Fire TV is also gaining popularity, as it offers all streaming services in one. However, the geo-restriction issue is not unheard of this as well. If you want to watch shows and movies of other regions, then definitely, you’ll need a VPN to bypass such geo-restrictions. And, if you’re looking to install a VPN on Amazon Fire TV, then this guide will prove helpful. Follow the steps, and you’ll have your VPN installed in minutes without any hassles.