perimeter81 review

It doesn’t matter how small or big your organization is; a VPN is always a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your business against online vulnerabilities. With a VPN, your employees can work securely from any location, even on an unprotected public Wi-Fi hotspot.

If your organization supports work from home policy or some of your employees are doing frequent business trips, a VPN could be your best bet. Likewise, remote employees can access your organization’s IoT devices securely with a VPN connection. For instance, a VPN allows a remote worker to access the organization’s printer safely.

The benefits of a VPN don’t stop here. Businesses of all sizes can use a VPN to increase security, especially while sharing files, communicating via emails. A VPN connection can also keep your online activities private.

Talking about premium VPN service providers for business you will find Perimeter 81 on most online recommendations. Is it really worth getting one for your business? Does it truly come with feature-rich security options to keep your business well protected from cybercriminals?

With this detailed Perimeter 81 Review, you will have answers to all these questions.

About Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a cloud-based SaaS solution provider that was founded in 2018. The company functions as a centralized platform that secures your business networks, cloud infrastructures, and web applications. Unlike a traditional VPN service, Perimeter 81 offers simplified yet highly reliable cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Key Highlights

Unlike most VPN providers that offer dynamic IP addresses, Perimeter 81 comes with static IPs exclusively dedicated to your organization. There is also a private server that protects you against data thefts and online tracking.

Using Perimeter 81, network administrators can monitor and audit activities like network inconsistency and bandwidth exhaustion.

Perimeter 81 is a one-click application with standalone clients for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Chrome. Remote employees using laptops, phones, or tablets can securely access the office network with this premium business VPN provider.

Perimeter 81 is a great choice to overcome geo-restrictions effectively. With more than 700 VPN servers in 36+ locations, Perimeter 81 can help your business build a global presence.

With watertight AES-256-bit encryption, automatic Wi-Fi security, and DNS filtering, Perimeter 81 can protect your employees’ mobile workforce even if they use unknown, insecure networks.

Perimeter 81 ensures that all your business activities remain private when connected to the VPN. As the provider comes with the ability to hide your organization’s real IP using its private servers, you can conduct your competitor analysis securely and anonymously that builds a successful business.

Above all, Perimeter 81 uses cloud-based VPN servers to protect businesses against all odds. Since this VPN provider offers hardware-free service, you can establish an effective cybersecurity strategy without spending much on hardware installation.

Regardless of your business size, you can deploy the cloud-based VPN service of Perimeter 81 and easily expand your network based on your organizations’ needs.

Perimeter 81 offers unlimited bandwidth that keeps your business running without interruption.

Other notable features of Perimeter 81 include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Exclusive solution architect
  • The always-on VPN feature
  • SIEM integration
  • Site-to-site interconnectivity
  • Custom DNS option
  • Split tunneling
  • Single sign-on

Perimeter 81 Pricing Plans – Are They Cost-Effective?

Perimeter 81 comes with subscription plans for small businesses and large enterprises. You can choose the annual plans and save up to 20% on every billing cycle.

Get the detailed pricing model of Perimeter 81 here.

Essentials Plan


$96 billed annually
20% Off
Get Free Trial

Premium Plan


$144 billed annually
20% Off
Get Free Trial

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise-ready security features
to customize and manage your network.

Contact Sales

For an enterprise-level of network security, Perimeter 81 has customized pricing plans. If you are an organization with more than 50 employees looking for network security solutions, you can contact the sales team of Perimeter 81 to know more about this high-end subscription model.

Perimeter 81 Customer Support: How Helpful It Is?

Perimeter 81 business VPN is equipped with so many customer support service options to help you experience the service to the maximum.

There is a self-service knowledge base that has tutorials, guides, and blogs related to Perimeter 81. You can refer them for the self-troubleshooting and knowledge purposes.

Perimeter 81 comes with 24×7 in-app chat support, which allows you to contact their team round-the-clock.

Based on your subscription plans, Perimeter 81 offers 24×7 and prioritized email support options for you. Likewise, the premium enterprise plan has 24×7 phone support that allows you to contact their team via mobile phone directly.

With Perimeter 81, you can also book customer success engineers who can assist you with your account’s needs.

Pros of Perimeter 81

  • Cloud-based VPN
  • Private VPN servers
  • Hardware-free service
  • Automatic Wi-Fi security
  • Reliably secure
  • Good privacy options
  • DNS filtering
  • Split tunneling
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Excellent customer support

Cons of Perimeter 81

  • Rarely you will experience a slight inconsistency in the performance.
  • No free trial or moneyback guarantee.


Perimeter 81 is the best business VPN alternative to conventional VPN service providers. It offers holistic network security solutions to businesses of all sizes. With more than 700 VPN servers hosted on the cloud, your remote employees can securely and privately access the business network from any location
Though Perimeter 81 offers a moderately limited number of servers compared to its peers, it comes with the best VPN solutions for organizations ranging from small to large.

More than benefiting your organization in terms of cybersecurity, Perimeter 81 can help you save money in your business. You can go for a hardware-free installation by choosing this cloud-based VPN provider.

The application is intuitive and compatible with a range of devices like mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Perimeter 81 comes with exceptional customer support, making it one of the best business VPNs on the market.

Choose Perimeter 81 and transform your business to the next level by getting safe and unrestricted access from anywhere.