If you’re using the internet, then you might have heard about the VPN, which helps you achieve online anonymity. But there’s a possibility that you might not be knowing that primarily VPNs are used for two different purposes: personal and business. And, the difference between the two, i.e., personal and business, makes them entirely different.

As the name implies, both the personal as well as business VPNs are made for different reasons, and they also have their own sets of pros and cons. So, you must be aware of what’s personal VPN’s as well as what’s business VPNs, which is also called as Corporate VPN.

Put simply, both have their own functions and use. For instance, a personal VPN solution is used for the private network service used by individuals for personal reasons such as bypassing geo-restriction to watch favorite Netflix shows. On the other hand, business VPN solutions are the private network service used for corporations or business purposes, such as accessing office networks’ sensitive resources from remote locations securely.

Let’s dig into it and cover personal VPN, business VPN, and how both differ from each other. So, you don’t question yourself like what’s the difference and what a big deal, you can go for any.

What is Personal VPN?

As the name implies, Personal VPN, also called as Home VPN is a VPN service used by individuals for personal purposes. For example, the user may use the Personal VPN to unblock any geo-restricted YouTube video. Its main purpose is to offer security layer on public Wi-Fi, stop ISPs (Internet Service Providers) from tracking users data, and, as said earlier to access geo-restricted content, including various other things which a user would typically do when they surf the internet at home.

Here’s What a Personal VPN Used For

Millions of internet users are aware of the VPN or to be more precise personal VPN or home VPN for an array of different reasons, and some of the common ones are like:

1. Protection From Public Wi-Fi

If you’re a frequent user of the public hotspots or unsecured public Wi-Fi connections, then personal VPN or say home VPN, will be a good choice for you. As it will help you stay anonymous and protect you from cyber crooks who often exploit free Wi-Fi hotspots available at shopping malls or cafes to sniff sensitive data like credit card numbers or passwords of the users.

2. Blocking ISP Tracking

You might not be aware, but it’s true that by default, your ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are capable of spying on you. They can watch all your online activity, as all your downloads and uploads go from their infrastructure, which makes them a middleman. So, its but obvious they know your every move. In case you’re a private person who doesn’t want any ISPs along with other third parties to see your online activity, then this home VPN will be an excellent choice to go for.

3. Accessing Geo-Restricted Content

If you’re one of the cord-cutter who heavily rely on video streaming services, then it’s not new that how difficult it might be getting for you to watch your favorite Netflix, Disney Plus, or any other streaming services shows of other countries. So, to overcome such geo-restrictions, nice personal VPN service from good VPN providers will work like charms, as you’ll be able to select the IP address of the specific country of which you want to access the content.

What is a Business VPN?

Compared to Home VPN, Business VPN employs opportunities to employees of the organization for accessing secure end-to-end encrypted connection to cloud resources on a company network. In other words, Business VPN, also known as Corporate VPN, is a VPN service explicitly meant for business use instead of personal or individual purpose.

Corporate VPN extends a corporate network with the help of encrypted connections made over the Internet. Ultimately, transforming the traveling traffic between the network and the device into an encrypted format for keeping it private.

Here’s What a Business VPN Used For

If you’re experiencing any of the below-mentioned scenarios in your business, then it’s recommended to go for Corporate VPN.

1. Secure Remote Access

If your organization has employees who work from a remote location, then it’s quite unrealistic to even think about deploying wires to their actual physical location. But, the solution of secure access to your network can be achieved using corporate VPN. It will help enable access to sensitive resources within your office network securely.

2. Static IP Address for the Organization

The popularity of BYOD and the remote location employees in the organization has opened the doors to new cyber threats. To overcome such a situation and to keep your database and systems secured is by preventing IP addresses from accessing one specific static IP address, and it’s possible to employ static IP address with the help of a business VPN solution.

3. Scalable Security Solution

It’s but natural that your networks and information will grow along with the organization’s growth. So, it’s evident that you would like to keep up with your organization’s security by ensuring that your employees and corporate assets stay protected. To bring security solutions to fruition, business VPNs will be the best option, as it scales quickly depending upon the need.

As by now, it’s clear what’s Personal VPN as well as Corporate VPN and for what they’re useful. Now, let’s look into what’s the difference between the two.

Personal VPN vs. Business VPN – Differences

Both the VPN solutions are used for different purposes, so there’s no question, each of them has their set of differences, making them stand apart from each other. Let’s take a look at some of the common ones:
Personal VPN Business VPN
Simultaneous connections from one single account are quite limited. It offers more than hundreds of simultaneous VPN connections from one single account.
The dynamic IP address is shared among multiple users at a time, which is quite useful for achieving online anonymity. Employees of the organization are usually provided static IP addresses, which are good for security as well as convenience.
Complete control is over the account, and the user can decide how to make use of it. The account manager is specifically responsible for handling the account, and they have the authority to add or remove the users along with the capability of changing and applying the usage settings throughout the company.
Download and setup take no time. It’s just a matter of a few clicks. Setting up Corporate (Business) VPN requires specialized knowledge along with exclusive rights within the company.
The VPN service provider is responsible for the maintenance of the VPN. In-house specialists are required for maintenance, which is quite costly.
It’s designed for regular activities that are performed daily. It’s quite limited to protecting the corporate network.

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If you’ve read till here, hopefully, you might have got the idea about what’s personal VPN, and business VPN, and this above table: personal VPN vs. business VPN, might have also made it clear the difference between the two. If you still have any questions, then feel free to comment in the below comment section, and we’ll get back to you soon!