Castlevania Overview

Castlevania is one of the American animated web television series with sharp dialogues and characterization. It’s a series of dark medieval fantasy, where the wife of Dracula Vlad Tepes (also known as Dracula) is falsely accused of witchcraft and later burned at stake. It’s inspired by one of popular Japan-based Konami’s video game series of a similar name.

Till now, three seasons have been released, and the fourth one has been announced. This series was previously planned as a film by producer Kevin Kolde and his company Project 51.

Kevin Kolde had a contract with a scriptwriter Warren Ellis in 2007. But somehow the project entered development hell till 2015, and later Adi Shankar got his hands on this project, and later on, Netflix streaming service showed its interest and picked it up.

The art style of this web series Castlevania is heavily influenced by Japanese anime and the artwork of Ayami Kojima in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, along with the production team who had the prior experience in the Japanese anime industry. It was first premiered on Netflix on July 7, 2017, and surprisingly it was even renewed for the second season of eight episodes on that day.

Cast & Characters of Castlevania

Below is the listed cast who has voiced for characters of Castlevania:

  • Graham McTavish a Scottish television, film, and voice actor, mostly known for his roles as Dwalin in the trilogy movie The Hobbit voices for Dracula (Vlad Dracula Tepes).
  • Richard Crispin Armitage, an English film, theatre television, and voice actor, mostly recognized in the UK for his first leading appearance as John Thornton in the British television program North & South (2004) voices for Trevor Belmont.
  • Alejandra Reynoso voices for speaker magician and the granddaughter of Elder Sypha Belnades.
  • James Callis, an English actor popular for the role of Dr. Gaius Baltar in the television series Battlestar Galactica and best friend Tom in Bridget Jones’s Diary voices for Alucard Adrian Alucard Tepes, the dhampir son of Dracula and Lisa Tepes.
To know more in detail about the complete cast and characters of Castlevania, you can visit Wikipedia or IMDb page.

Castlevania: Episodes & Seasons

A total of three seasons has been released, and the fourth season is about to come is announced. The first season consists of a total of 4 episodes where its first episode released originally on July 7, 2017. Then in October 2018, the second season came that has 8 episodes, and the new and latest one season 3 released on this March 2020 has a total of 10 episodes. Now, the 4th season has been announced, but its date hasn’t been officially given yet.

From Where to Watch Castlevania

As it’s an American television series and also exclusively streamed on Netflix, then it’s the only option. If you’re from the USA and you’ve got a Netflix subscription, then you’ll be able to watch it without any issues. However, it’s quite sad to say that there’s no other option to watch this animated series. And, if you’re from the USA and you don’t have a Netflix subscription, then you can simply opt for the trial version of Netflix and binge watch Castlevania without getting charged.

How to Watch Castlevania From Outside the USA

Castlevania is exclusively shown on Netflix, which means even if you’re in the USA, your only option to watch is through Netflix, and if you’re from another country, then there’s no option presently. Nevertheless, you’ve one option to try a VPN subscription.

If you get the VPN plan from a respected provider that unlocks Netflix, you’ll be able to spoof Netflix servers, and you’ll be able to successfully bypass the regional restriction and make yourself appear from the USA using the US VPN server.

Best VPNs to Watch Castlevania

Below are some of the respected VPN providers who are trusted around the globe and also help you bypass regional block such as Netflix US:

  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark VPN
  • VyprVPN
  • ExpressVPN

1. NordVPN

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2. RusVPN

Established recently in 2017, RUSVPN is a Dominican VPN solution, which means out of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance jurisdiction is one of the all serious businesses that come with the slogan of R-reliable, U-unlimited, S-secure. RUSVPN is a developing VPN service that has gathered around 200K+ users around the globe.

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Though small, it offers 362 VPN servers in more than 35 countries, which is quite decent from such a newbie. Other features it offers are like military-grade encryption, automatic kill switch, strict no-log policy, unlimited license, P2P servers for Torrenting, and much more.

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3. Surfshark VPN

Founded in 2018, Surfshark is the powerful and cost-effective VPN solution of the industry. It comes with an array of advanced features, making them one of the most popular VPN within such a short time.

Registered in the British Virgin Islands, free from the 5 Eyes intelligence alliance, offers the service with impeccable online privacy and protection for all its users.

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4. VyprVPN

One of top-rated Switzerland based VPN solutions, VyprVPN is a high-quality, secure, and fast VPN service. It’s quite a popular VPN service known for its privacy-friendly legislation.

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5. ExpressVPN

Founded in 2009, ExpressVPN is one of the biggest VPN giants of the industry that has best-in-class leak-proof robust encryption standards for securing identities and information of the users. It’s one of the rare VPN providers who have a mixture of VPN protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN to help its VPN apps to bypass even the most aggressive countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

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expressvpn logo
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Inspired by one of the popular video game series, Castlevania is the popular Netflix series on today’s date. It’s an exclusive Netflix series due to which you won’t find anywhere else. If you haven’t watch Castlevania and interested to watch, then your option is to have a Netflix subscription.

Again, if you’re not from the USA and trying to watch this animated series, then you have the option of choosing the right VPN provider and try connecting with Netflix. The VPN provider, who is capable of bypassing robust servers of Netflix, will prove helpful to watch it from anywhere.

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