The Walking Dead Series Overview

Are you the fan of horror flicks, then it’s for sure that The Walking Dead might be among your hotlist? Developed by Frank Darabont, The Walking Dead us an American post-apocalyptic horror TV series. This popular show produced by for AMC (American Movie Classics) Studios is based upon comic series by Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, and Robert Kirkman.

In case you’re new to it, The Walking Dead series features a big group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse, who are trying to save themselves from the threat of attacks done from the zombies also known as “walkers.” The first half of the season was premiered on October 6, 2019, and later on February 23, 2020, the second half of the season is premiered, and this The Walking Dead season ten features a total of 19 series overall. If you’re left out and want to view The Walking Dead’s remaining episodes, we suggest you go through this article.

Season Episodes First aired Last aired
1 6 October 31, 2010 December 5, 2010
2 13 October 16, 2011 March 18, 2012
3 16 October 14, 2012 March 31, 2013
4 16 October 13, 2013 March 30, 2014
5 16 October 12, 2014 March 29, 2015
6 16 October 11, 2015 April 3, 2016
7 16 October 23, 2016 April 2, 2017
8 16 October 22, 2017 April 15, 2018
9 16 October 7, 2018 March 31, 2019
10 16 October 6, 2019 April 12, 2020

Who Are the Main Casts of the Walking Dead Season 10?

This tenth season has a total of nineteen series overall, and below are the names of the walking dead casts.

  • Samantha Morton as Alpha (Whisperers leader). Also, the survivors of the mysterious group who wears skins of the walkers for hiding their presence.
  • Ryan Hurst – Will be seen as Beta, who’s the second-in-command of the Whisperers.
  • Norman Reedus – Will be seen as Darly Dixon, Rick’s former right-hand man, and a southern redneck. And, a former recruiter for Alexandria and a skilled hunter.
  • Danai Gurira as Michonne, who’s Rick’s former romantic partner as well as katana-wielding warrior, while being an adoptive mother to Judith and also mother to Rick’s child.
  • Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, who’s the survivor of several traumas as well as an ingenious and skilled fighter.
  • Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa, who’s a pragmatic member of the group and mother of Siddiq’s child.
  • Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter, who’s an intelligent survivor who doesn’t have a fear of walkers.
  • Seth Gilliam as Gabriel Stokes, who’s head of the council of Alexandria and a priest who has his own beliefs on what needs to be done for surviving.
  • Ross Marquand as Aaron, who has lost his arm in an accident and also a former Alexandria’s recruiter.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, whos’ the former reformed leader of the Saviors detained at Alexandria.
  • Khary Payton as Ezekiel – Who’s the ex-husband of Carol and the former leader of the Kingdom.

From Where to Watch the Walking Dead Season 10

The Walking Dead will be streamed within two places, the USA and the UK.

united-states-of-america The Walking Dead – Here’s How to Watch in the USA

For watching The Walking Dead Season 10 in the USA, simply do it through AMC, which airs the shows every Sunday at 6 pm PT / 8 pm CT /9 pm ET.

Though, if you don’t have a cable connection, you can even watch the AMC shows through an internet connection by using paid services like DirectTV Now, PlayStation Vue, and even Sling TV. Other options to watch The Walking Dead online are on Amazon Prime Video, FandangoNOW, VUDU, Apple iTunes, which is even supported by many different devices such as laptops, connected TV, tablet or smartphone.

united-kingdom The Walking Dead – Here’s How to Watch in the UK

The Walking Dead Season 10 is shown on FOX UK on every Monday, 9 pm GMT. If you have purchased the subscription packages of Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, you’ll get FOX TV included in that.

In case you don’t have TV packages, you can access the channel through service such as Now TV.

Here’s How to Stream Older Episodes and Seasons of the Walking Dead

If you’re new to The Walking Dead, or you missed out old seasons don’t worry, you can still catch up with that, and whether it’s The Walking Dead Season 1, The Walking Dead Season 8, The Walking Dead Season 9, or the latest one the season 10, you can watch all of them.

If you’re in the USA, you’ll get many options like Amazon Prime Video, Fandango Now, Apple iTunes, and Vue. And, if you belong to the UK, then Now TV is the best bet, as it has all the episodes of the Walking Dead.

How to Watch the Walking Dead Other Than the UK & the USA?

If you want to watch The Walking Dead and you’re not in the UK and the USA or live in some other country, then VPN is the best bet. Simply get the subscription from a trusted VPN provider, and you’ll be able to watch all your favorite geo-restricted shows, including The Walking Dead.

Best VPN You Can Count Upon for Watching the Walking Dead Season 10

At the time of deciding for a VPN, we would suggest you get the paid subscription instead of going for a free VPN solution, which plays around with your privacy by keeping logs and selling to third-parties. However, some of the VPN solutions we would recommend are as below.

  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • SurfShark VPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • IPvanish VPN
Let’s see one by one, what’re the features and benefits of each mentioned VPN provider so that you can have a better decision.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN earns a first place. As per our recommendations, NordVPN is one of the respected VPN providers on which anyone can count upon. Whether you’re a complete rookie who doesn’t know anything about VPN or have prior experience with it, you won’t be disappointed. It comes with easy to use interface, useful security features to help you maintain privacy from third parties and helps to unblock geo-restricted shows like The Walking Dead.

NordVPN offers a big pool of 5000+ servers around the globe along with many other features like military-grade encryption for protecting data, CyberSec to block harmful websites that host spyware. Also, malware, ads, Double VPN for encrypting data for twice, an automatic kill switch to prevent your devices and apps from accessing the internet in case VPN connection drops.

If you’re still questioning whether to go with this VPN provider or not, then we would suggest you go with our experts NordVPN review, which offers full details on features and specifications that’ll help you decide more accurately.

  • 5200+ servers in 62 countries
  • Use up to 6 devices
  • Next-generation Encryption
  • Double VPN Feature
  • Strict no-logs policy

2. PureVPN

Hong Kong headquartered PureVPN secures second place in our recommended VPN list. It’s the premium VPN service that comes with a server pool of 2000+ located in more than 140 countries, along with more than 3 million active users. Also, being recognized as well as awarded as a ‘Great User Experience,’ PureVPN has been rated as 96% user satisfaction via Finances Online, who did the detailed analysis of the PureVPN software.

Some of the extensive features of PureVPN which attract users are such as unlimited bandwidth, 256-bit encryption, protection against attacks like DDoS, split tunneling for splitting traffic between the VPN and the normal ISP. Also, universal accessibility to geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Italy SkyGo, and more.

In case you still doubt whether to go with this VPN provider or any other, then we recommend first go through our PureVPN review written by our VPNStore experts, who have mentioned all the essential details along with features and specifications offered by PureVPN.

purevpn logo
  • 6500+ Secure Servers
  • 3 Million+ Satisfied Users
  • 10-Multi Logins
  • One-click Software
  • 31-Day Refund Policy
  • 24/7 Customer Support

3. Surfshark VPN

Relatively a new VPN provider, Surfshark was founded in 2018. It comes with a philosophy of offering robust online privacy and security to all its users. It’s one of the few VPN which has gained the upper hand compared to another VPN provider due to its ability to connect with unlimited devices simultaneously from a single account.

Other than that, Surfshark VPN comes with 1000+ servers in more than 60 locations around the globe, DNS and IP leak protection, popular VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, unlimited torrenting support. Moreover, it also offers some unique features like, the Camouflage mode for disguising VPN connection to prevent your ISP from monitoring user’s VPN connection, CleanWeb as an in-built ad blocker to save data, Whitelister which works as split tunneling and much more.

Apart from this, if you’re still not sure whether to go with Surfshark VPN or not, then we suggest going through our Surfshark VPN review written by our experts so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Connect unlimited Devices
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • IP & DNS leak protection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Browser Extensions
  • Strict no-logs policy

4. ExpressVPN

One of the most popular and largest VPN providers, ExpressVPN, comes with the robust security features that are hard to beat by other VPN providers. It comes with an extensive pool of 3000+ servers along with new servers added every week across 94 countries. It’s a mixture of security protocols along with popular VPN protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN.

However, ExpressVPN offers some of the features like strong AES-256 bit encryption standard, split tunneling for excluding VPN traffic, unlimited bandwidth. Support for different platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, Routers and Linux, unlimited server switching, popular VPN protocols like TCP/UDP, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, which can be expected by any decent VPN providers.

Lastly, if you’re not able to make up your mind and have any queries, we recommend going through our ExpressVPN review article and decide on your own whether to go with this VPN provider or not.

expressvpn logo
  • 160 server locations
  • Network Lock kill switch
  • Zero-knowledge DNS
  • VPN split tunneling
  • Stream Sports online

5. IPVanish VPN

Founded in 2012, IPVanish VPN is one of the top low-cost VPN providers of the globe. It comes with 1300+ servers along with more than 40,000 IPs in more than 75 locations across the world. Furthermore, it has been awarded as a Start-up of the Year by Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards and rated as #1 VPN solution by Lifehacker AU.

Apart from this, some of the exclusive features are such as, unlimited bandwidth from throttling network connection, 256-AES industry-standard encryption, unlimited P2P networking, SOCKS5 proxy to mask IP address for VoIP and P2P connections. Supports popular VPN protocols like IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP and OpenVPN, unlimited server switching, protection from deep packet inspection, compatibility with TOR, and much more.

Also, if you have more queries, then we suggest going through this IPVanish VPN review article, and get all your doubts cleared, so you can know whether to go with this VPN provider or not.

  • 1,500+ VPN servers
  • 40,000+ shared IPs
  • Unthrottled speed
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Unmetered connections

Here’s How to Access the Walking Dead Season 10 Using VPN

Accessing VPN isn’t any rocket science. Like any other software application, VPN applications also works smoothly with few clicks. All you have to do is, get a VPN subscription of your choice, and follow these simple steps:

  • Subscribe for a VPN plan that helps you unlock Netflix and have a good number of the USA VPN servers. For example, NordVPN.
  • Now, download and install the VPN app on the device through which you’ll watch your favorite- The Walking Dead.
  • Sign up for Netflix and install the app on your device if you haven’t.
  • Go to your VPN client, login into your VPN account, and connect to the USA server from the device you’re going to stream Netflix US.
  • Once you connect to the USA server, you’ll be able to access the Netflix USA library. From there on you’ll be able to unlock The Walking Dead, no matter whether you’re looking for Season 1 or this current season, you’ll get access to all along with many other shows.

Devices Supported

  • Mostly all the VPN providers offer compatibility with arrays of devices such as iOS, Android, Apple TV, gaming consoles like Playstation 4, Xbox One, and even Roku. Still, we suggest going through their provided list of devices supported by the VPN you’ve chosen.
  • On the other hand, Netflix apps are compatible with many devices. For example, iOS, Android, Tablets, web browsers, Blu-Ray players, Chromecast, Smart TVs, Gaming consoles.

Here’s How to Download the Walking Dead Season 10 From Torrents

In case you do not have an account with Netflix, or Amazon Prime, nor you’re looking to get one, it’s okay. Still, you’re left with one option. You can download the torrent files. Yes, many torrenting websites like or The Pirate Bay offers torrent files of your favorite The Walking Dead. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for Season 1, Season 2, Season 5 or Season 10 along with many other shows, you will find the episodes and even whole season on the websites that offer torrenting.

However, be careful while trying to download torrent files because it’s illegal to download copyrighted content. Though, you can resolve this issue by getting a VPN solution that is torrent-friendly. Using a good VPN can help you remain secured while maintaining your privacy and keeping you anonymous from third parties who can trace you, such as your ISP, while downloading your favorite shows such as The Walking Dead.


By nature, the internet is volatile, and there’s no surety that you’ll be able to live stream all the time. If you’re outside the USA or the UK and you’re trying to access any geo-restricted content like the walking dead season, then the best bet is to go with the VPN solutions you can trust upon. Lastly, we’ve mentioned some of the best VPNs you can count upon along.

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