One of the most popular media player software applications, Kodi is free and is available for various hardware platforms and operating systems. Kodi was previously known as XBMC and it lets users watch TV shows and movies, play games and listen to music. It is completely free and it can be installed on Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, and iOS.

It has helpful forums and Wiki, loaded with informative articles for new users as well as for developers. Kodi is customizable and you can change themes and backgrounds for a personalized experience. You can make your Kodi streaming experience even better with a VPN as a VPN will offer strong security and privacy and keep your data secure.

If you are looking for the best VPN for Kodi, this article is for you. We reviewed several VPN services and based on our research, we found the following VPN services to be the best for Kodi.


Top 6 VPNs for Kodi – Our Recommendation

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • PureVPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • VyprVPN
  • CyberGhost VPN


NordVPN is our top choice for Kodi. NordVPN has a huge number of servers across the globe and its overall service is impressive. It offers fast speeds and is continuously expanding its network.

NordVPN has detailed guides using which you can easily install the VPN and use Kodi. This does not only apply to Kodi but other streaming services, as well. We’re sure even newbies will not have trouble installing and using NordVPN.

NordVPN has user-friendly apps for all platforms. It also has a dedicated app for Android TV in addition to other platforms.

NordVPN offers strong security features like the kill switch and features double VPN for double encryption and stronger privacy. NordVPN blocks ads and malware with its CyberSec feature, Onion over VPN.

  • 5200+ servers in 62 countries
  • Use up to 6 devices
  • Next-generation Encryption
  • Double VPN Feature
  • Strict no-logs policy

Its strict no-logs policy ensures that its users’ data will be safe and private. No matter where you are in the world, you can bypass geo-restrictions with NordVPN. Kodi’s library is vast and it includes P2P files and TV shows. It is important to make sure your data is secured while accessing such files. The best way to keep your data secure is by using a top-rated VPN like NordVPN. You can enjoy the utmost privacy as well as gain access to all your favorite content with NordVPN.

Check out our NordVPN review to know why it is our top choice.


With an impressive server network, ExpressVPN is great for unblocking Kodi and other streaming services. It offers good speeds and strong security. ExpressVPN has user-friendly apps for iOS, Android, and Android TV.

It offers strong security and follows a strict no-logs policy. Strong 256-bit encryption ensures that your data is safe and secure while you browse the web or use streaming services. It has 3000+ servers in over 90 countries so that you need not worry about slow connections. All you need to do when the server to which you are connected is slow is to connect to another server. With ExpressVPN’s speed test feature, you can check the speed of the servers and find the fastest server.

ExpressVPN helps bypass ISP logging and throttling by encrypting your traffic and assigning you an IP from one of its servers. This way, your ISP cannot track your activity or restrict usage. This applies to the websites you visit, as well.

expressvpn logo
  • 160 server locations
  • Network Lock kill switch
  • Zero-knowledge DNS
  • VPN split tunneling
  • Stream Sports online
They cannot track back your location as they will think that you are based in the country in which the server to which you are connected is located.

With ExpressVPN, you can keep your activity private, which includes the movies or shows you watch through Kodi. It offers IP leak protection and Network Lock, which will ensure that your traffic does not leak if at all your VPN connection drops.

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PureVPN offers fast speeds and great performance. You will have a good connection with PureVPN’s huge server network. It offers clients for mobile and desktop users. It has an add-on for Kodi that will make your experience smooth.

PureVPN has over 2000 servers in 180 countries and has over 300,000 IP addresses. Out of that, PureVPN will let you have a dedicated IP for Kodi. It also has an add-on for Kodi.

PureVPN follows a rigid no logs policy so that you can privately and anonymously stream shows on Kodi. You can connect up to five devices at a time and share the streams with your family or friends. PureVPN’s kill switch and NAT Firewall will protect your data from leaking when your VPN connection drops. This prevents your IP or data from accidentally getting exposed while streaming content online.

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purevpn logo
  • 6500+ Secure Servers
  • 3 Million+ Satisfied Users
  • 10-Multi Logins
  • One-click Software
  • 31-Day Refund Policy
  • 24/7 Customer Support

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish allows up to 10 simultaneous connections, which means you can connect multiple devices at a time and watch your favorite shows on Kodi. IPVanish will be a great choice if you wish to share your connection with your family members or friends. It has clients for macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, and other platforms.

IPVanish follows a strict no-log policy. It is one of the few VPN services that operates its own server network, which means there is no third party involved. This way you can enjoy a smooth streaming experience while you stream shows on Kodi and other streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, as well. IPVanish also allows users to torrent files and it can unblock content from Zattoo Box Kodi add-on.

IPVanish offers XOR obfuscation which helps bypass censorship. This feature is helpful to users living in countries with strong internet censorship rules.

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  • 1,500+ VPN servers
  • 40,000+ shared IPs
  • Unthrottled speed
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Unmetered connections


You can enjoy fast download speeds with VyprVPN while you stream content online. VyprVPN has guides for TVs and for OpenELEC, a Linux-based common platform for Kodi.

There are clients for all devices and popular platforms. It has Kodi media player apps for gaming consoles, mobile devices, computers, and set-top boxes.

All of VyprVPN’s apps offer strong security features. In addition to VyprVPN’s strong encryption technology, it features the Chameleon technology that aims at bypassing ISP throttling and VPN blocking. VyprVPN features the NAT firewall and a kill switch. It does not keep track of any user data. You can watch anything you want for as long as you wish as VyprVPN offers unlimited bandwidth.

VyprVPN has over 700 servers in 64 countries and connecting to one of these servers will make it easy for you to access all streaming services which includes Kodi. You can have a buffer-free streaming experience with VyprVPN fast streaming servers. In addition to Kodi, VyprVPN works well with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

Take a look at our VyprVPN review to know more about VyprVPN.

  • 160 server locations
  • Network Lock Kill switch
  • Zero-knowledge DNS
  • VPN split tunneling
  • Stream Sports online

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN offers solid speeds and strong security. CyberGhost VPN categories its servers by location as well as by the streaming services the users wish to access. This makes it easy for users who wish to access streaming services or use Kodi to stream media content online to choose a server.

You can connect to the VPN on Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. CyberGhost VPN has over 5000 servers in around 90 countries so you have a lot of servers to access geo-restricted content. There is a “for streaming” option in CyberGhost VPN’s app. This option allows users to choose servers optimized for streaming services like YouTube, BBC iPlayer, etc. All you need to do is to choose the service and you will be connected to the servers optimized for the specific service.

If you are looking to stream shows on BBC iPlayer on Kodi, you have to choose the server that says “optimized for BBC iPlayer.” This way, you can use the BBC iPlayer Kodi add-on to stream content on this streaming service hassle-free and you need not waste your time trying each server to determine which server works with the streaming service of your choice.

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cyberghost logo
  • 6100+ Servers Worldwide
  • Protect up to 7 devices/li>
  • DNS and IP leak protection
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  • Highest possible VPN speeds
  • 45-day money back guarantee

Top VPNs for Kodi 2020 – What’s Our Recommendation Based On?

There are a lot of free as well as paid VPN services and it could be hard to choose one. Many VPNs are good for just browsing the web and some are great at unblocking streaming services. So based on your purpose, you will need to choose a VPN service.

This article is about the top VPNs that work great with Kodi. We tested several VPN services and the VPNs listed here are the ones that really worked well with Kodi in our tests.

The Following are the criteria based on which we chose the best Kodi VPN.

  • Security and Privacy features
  • Speed
  • App availability
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability
  • Ability to bypass geo-blocks

All the VPNs listed here offer strong security. Likewise, they offer fast speeds so that you can watch high-definition videos without any lags. These VPN services have apps for most devices and are compatible with all popular platforms. With the VPNs listed here, you can securely stream content on Kodi without any restrictions.

Likewise, it is wise to avoid free VPNs that claim to unblock geo-restricted content and offer strong security. Based on our research and tests, we would not recommend a free VPN.

Why Should I Use a VPN for Kodi?

A VPN that masks your IP address and replaces it with another IP address will route your traffic through a VPN server located in a different country. This way, you will appear like you are located in that country. This way, you will be able to bypass geo-restrictions as the service you use is going to think that you belong to that country where the server is located.

You need a VPN for Kodi to stay anonymous and private. That’s because you may not want anyone to know what you are watching online. You can even keep your browsing activities hidden from your ISP. Apart from that, you can stay completely anonymous online. You can prevent your ISP or the websites you visit from selling your browsing data to advertisers. When you use a VPN to stream shows on Kodi, you can protect your browsing habits and keep it private.

If you use a VPN, you can watch all your shows without any limits. Streaming services can no longer limit what you watch based on your location. You can connect to servers in any country and whatever you want. From streaming services to international websites blocked in your location, you can gain access to everything if you use a VPN. Likewise, a VPN will also help you bypass internet restrictions in the country where you live.

If you are based in a country with strict internet censorship laws, a VPN for Kodi will come to your rescue so that you will not have trouble watching your favorite shows. While using Kodi, we recommend you to use a VPN (We recommend using NordVPN for Kodi.) because a VPN will encrypt all the traffic you send and receive. This does not just apply just to Kodi but other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. as well. A VPN will offer you the security and privacy you need to stay secure online.

How to Use a VPN with Kodi?

It is pretty simple to set up and use a VPN with Kodi. Follow the steps below to set up a VPN with Kodi.

  • We recommend NordVPN for Kodi, so you can either choose it or choose another VPN service from the list.
  • Once you are subscribed to the VPN, you can log in to the VPN.
  • To access a streaming service available in a foreign country, choose a server in that country and connect to it. If you are looking to stream content in your country, you can choose a server located nearby.
  • Now, head to Kodi and figure out the add-on you wish to use.
  • You are now all set to watch what you want using Kodi.

Let’s Compare Some of the Best VPNs for Kodi

Main Features NordVPN ExpressVPN Surfshark CyberGhost VPN
$3.30/mo $8.32/mo $2.49/mo $2.15/mo
60 94+ 65+ 91
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
5600+ 3000+ 3200+ 7600+
6 5 Unlimited 7
Good Good Good Moderately Good
ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsUp
Double VPN - VPN cascading Inverse Split Tunneling Whitelister™ - Split tunneling mode Ad and Malware blocker
256-bit AES 256-bit AES 256-bit AES 256-bit AES
ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsUp
ThumbsDown ThumbsDown ThumbsDown ThumbsDown
ThumbsDown ThumbsDown ThumbsDown ThumbsUp
ThumbsDown ThumbsDown ThumbsDown ThumbsDown
ThumbsDown ThumbsDown ThumbsDown ThumbsDown
Panama British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands Romania
ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsUp
ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsDown ThumbsDown
ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsUp
ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsDown ThumbsDown
ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsDown ThumbsUp
ThumbsUp ThumbsDown ThumbsUp ThumbsUp
ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsUp ThumbsUp
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux Ubuntu Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux Ubuntu, Linux Fedora Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux Ubuntu, Linux Fedora Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux Ubuntu
Chromebook Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Apple TV N/A Chromebook
DD-WRT, Tomato DD-WRT, Tomato DD-WRT, Tomato DD-WRT, Tomato
$11.95/mo $12.95/mo $12.95/mo $12.99/mo
N/A N/A ThumbsDown ThumbsDown
N/A $9.99/mo $12.95/mo ThumbsDown
$4.92/mo ($59.00) $8.32/mo ($99.95) N/A $3.95/mo ($47.40)
30 Days ThumbsDown 7 days ThumbsDown
ThumbsDown ThumbsDown ThumbsDown ThumbsDown
30 days 30 days 30 days 45 days
Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Bitcoins Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Bitcoins Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Bitcoins Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Bitcoins
24/7 Live Chat, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Community Email, Twitter, Facebook, Community, On Call, Remote Desktop 24/7 Live Chat, Email, Twitter, Facebook 24/7 Live Chat, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Community


One of the best ways to get around geo-blocks and stream your favorite shows on Kodi is by using a VPN. Not only can you bypass geo-blocks but you can also stay secure and anonymous online with a VPN. We’re sure the VPNs listed above will offer you a smooth Kodi streaming experience.