why small businesses need vpn
Your business might be small, but its online vulnerabilities are always large.

Running a small business can be overwhelming. Regardless of what quality service or product that’s offered, small business owners will have to deal with a massive number of ordeals, among which managing online threats tops the list.

It is an irrefutable fact that the internet is a technological wonder, but let’s not forget that it brings substantial risk along with it, hitting even small businesses and startups.

Imagine if you are successfully running a small business online. How does it feel to discover that someone is plotting on breaking into your business computer system and steal your trade secrets? An absolute nightmare, right?

The majority of small organizations fail to have an appropriate cybersecurity strategy in place, assuming that only large and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Before choosing to overlook your organization’s online security strategy, small businesses should do a reality check.

  • Cyber attackers never consider any business too small, as every business has some data that cybercriminals need. So, keep in mind that not all cyber-rats are after the big cheese that has a million customers.
  • No industry is safe. Online fraudsters enjoy the privilege of choosing a wide variety of industries to carry out their cyberattacks.
  • Attackers are intelligent enough to know that small businesses and startups are easy targets for them, as most of them do not have a dedicated cybersecurity strategy or IT support.
And, here comes the most appalling fact.

More than 70% of security breaches target small businesses, and most of them do not recover after the attack. The consequences of cyberattacks can be devastating for small businesses, as it is going to cost them a lot. It is not just about monetary damages either. You will lose your reputation and customers, potentially destroying your entire business.

Role of a virtual private network in your small business

Your small business can start planning and implementing some basic cybersecurity strategies that are not going to cost you an arm and a leg, and ultimately scale up these approaches as your business grows. There are several simple steps you can take as a small business owner to protect against a cyberattack, using a virtual private network is one of them. VPN for your small business is a small step, yet it can make a huge difference. Think of it as low-hanging fruit.

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Data Security

A Virtual Private Network protects your business against threats arising from a public network, thereby securing your data.

With all businesses requiring their employees to connect via their laptops and mobile devices remotely, it is imperative for them to use a VPN connection for safe public network access. A VPN connection creates an encrypted tunnel for your data, making communications more secure even on a public WiFi. It also allows your team members that are long-term travelers, to access hotel internet connections and other ‘insecure’ public WiFi connections, without any hesitation.

Enhanced Productivity and Remote Access

With a virtual private network, small organizations can grant their employees remote access to the organization’s base network. This means that your employees can get secured remote access to your network and experience a simplified file sharing process.


Getting a VPN connection is regarded as fundamental and the most affordable security practice within any small business. Organizations that are looking to beef up their cybersecurity strategies without intending to spend a significant amount of money can go for some of the top VPN service providers for small businesses that don’t break the bank.

The Bottom line

Small businesses should accept the fact that they are attractive targets for bad guys. So, it is wise for them to get on top of the internet security game with a virtual private network. Take this small step for defending your business against online threats with a VPN connection, which is the beginning of a cost-effective, reliable and safe online security solution.