benefits using vpn for business

These days, VPN services are becoming more like a necessity and less like a luxury. Especially if you want to maintain your privacy while working offshore or want to stream any restricted services in another region. While here, we will not dive into any specific VPN vendor, but let’s see the benefits using VPN for business.

5 Benefits Using VPN for Business

  • Enhanced Security
  • Bypassing Internet Censorship
  • Organization Supports BYOD Policy
  • Prevents ISP Bandwidth Throttling
  • Inexpensive

1. Enhanced Security

These days becoming a victim of cyber-attacks is not uncommon. Many attacks happen on a daily basis, whether its data leaks, data breaches, or any other, it keeps on making headlines for the cybersecurity world. By using a VPN, you can create an extra layer of protection. VPNs can prove helpful by keeping employees off public networks. For example, accessing a company’s data via VPN while using Public Wi-Fi network. Ultimately resulting in dropping the chances of being targeted by any cyberthreat, as your original IP address stay hidden means masking your real location and data all the time.

2. Bypassing Internet Censorship

Through VPNs, you can easily browse the internet from any part of the world, without your actual location being traced. This can prove helpful if you’re working from a remote location where there is a restriction on accessing certain websites or your company’s website doesn’t allow access from a specific location or region.

3. Organization Supports BYOD Policy

In this growing digital world, many companies support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, which allow employees to access organizational resources remotely from their own devices. As no one knows where the employee will connect their device once they leave work, whether it’s their home or any unsecured public network. To overcome these situations, a VPN can prove beneficial, as it helps in hiding online activity.

4. Prevents ISP Bandwidth Throttling

It’s nothing new that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) monitor the online activity of their users. They have to do it for managing their Internet Traffic, to make it more efficient. However, it also means that your Internet speed may get throttled (throttling means slowing the speed of your internet service) by an ISP. Usually it’s done to keep their network clear during busy periods, whenever you try to access certain websites like YouTube, which consumes a lot of data in a short period.

Here, VPNs can prove beneficial for providing fast internet and better business performance as it hides all your online activity from your ISP. One thing to note is that VPN encryption can slow down a response time a bit because it frequently encrypts and decrypts the data. But, it’s not a major issue if you choose to go with the best VPN service providers especially if you do not choose a free VPN and go for reliable paid VPN service, which is specially designed for corporate users.

5. Inexpensive

Many times SMBs are limited with their budget, especially for investing in cyber-security protocols. Here, investing in a VPN service account can prove beneficial as many VPN providers offer as low as $10 per month per user if it’s purchased using a business licensing plan. Considering that the organization’s sessions are now protected with military-grade encryption for secure authentication, access to web apps and services, or any data in transit.

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