If you are here, you might have probably come across the Netflix proxy error, “Whoops, something went wrong… You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.” This article aims at helping you fix this error and help you binge-watch all your favorite shows and movies on Netflix.

No one would want to come across an error message when they are all set to watch their favorite content online. The Netflix proxy error occurs when you try to access Netflix using a VPN. This means Netflix has detected your VPN. However, this is not the end as this just shows that the VPN you are currently using is not able to bypass Netflix’s blocks.

Read on to know how to get around the proxy error and access the whole library of Netflix using a VPN and what are the top VPNs that can help you bypass the Netflix proxy error.

Why Does Netflix Detect and Block VPNs?

Netflix’s library is huge but the shows that are available in your region may not be available in another. Similarly, shows and movies available in the US or the UK may not be available abroad. This is due to the licensing deals between Netflix and the filmmakers or the networks. Due to such deals and copyright laws, Netflix shows and movies differ from country to country, and Netflix does not want its users to stream content that is not available in their countries. This is why it blocks VPNs as soon as it detects the usage of a VPN.

However, many go for a VPN only to unblock the whole library of Netflix as they seem to run out of shows and movies very quickly. By using a VPN, they can access a whole lot of movies and shows so that they have a lot more to watch. But Netflix, on the other hand, is cracking down on VPNs and blocking their IP addresses.

As soon as Netflix detects that you are bypassing its blocks and accessing its library using a VPN, it will display the proxy error message. Netflix does not want its users to access any show or movie which is not allowed in their regions.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Netflix?

Like we mentioned above, Netflix has a huge collection of shows and movies that are not made available in all countries. Netflix US is what many want to access and it is considered to be the best. It has a huge number of shows that are unavailable in other regions. Likewise, most new shows are made available on Netflix US sooner, while the same shows are televised after a month or even after a few months in other countries. Some shows are meant only for US viewers. Even US viewers cannot access their favorite shows while they travel outside the US which is a major turn off as they cannot access something for which they have paid.

A VPN is a security tool that also possesses great unblocking capabilities so that you can access Netflix US from anywhere in just the click of a button no matter where you are in the world. This way you can access the Netflix library of any country by connecting to a server in that specific country.

However, not all VPNs are made equal and some fail to evade Netflix’s blocks which results in Netflix displaying the proxy error. So all you need is a trustworthy VPN service to quickly and easily get around the blocks and safely watch any Netflix show or movie.

This error occurs when the VPN you are currently using is unable to bypass Netflix’s tough geo-restrictions or if Netflix has blacklisted the VPN server through which you are trying to access its library. Netflix is known for its tough blocks and it blocks the whole IP range of VPNs and no VPN can prevent this from happening.

All you need to do is to go for a VPN service that has a good server network and offers several IP addresses. In this case, even if Netflix happens to detect and block an IP wave, you will have many more IP addresses to connect to. The following are the best VPN services that are ideal for unblocking Netflix and fixing the Netflix proxy error.

Best VPNs to Fix the Netflix Proxy Error

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Surfshark VPN

1. NordVPN

NordVPN, trusted by many, is an all-rounder VPN with a strong track record of unblocking Netflix. NordVPN was able to bypass regional blocks and unblock Netflix US, UK, Canda, and other countries, as well. Since NordVPN has a huge server network of over 5800 servers across the globe and offers thousands of IP addresses, you need not worry about running out of IP addresses if Netflix happens to detect and block a few IPs.

NordVPN offers unsurpassed levels of security with 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill switch, and DNS leak protection. You can quickly connect NordVPN on any device you use as it is compatible with most popular platforms like Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. This makes it easy for you to access Netflix on the go and not just depend on one specific device. NordVPN will keep ISP throttling at bay as it will keep your online activities hidden from everyone including your ISP. Likewise, you need not worry about data or bandwidth caps, you are free to watch any number of shows or movies back to back.

  • 5200+ servers in 62 countries
  • Use up to 6 devices
  • Next-generation Encryption
  • Double VPN Feature
  • Strict no-logs policy

Before you decide to continue with NordVPN, you can try its services using its 30-day money-back guarantee. To know more about its money-back guarantee policy and other features, check out our full NordVPN review.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is our next recommendation for fixing the Netflix proxy error. ExpressVPN offers amazing speeds for hassle-free streaming. You can stream shows and movies on Netflix by connecting to ExpressVPN’s fast-speed servers and bid adieu to connection issues and buffering.

ExpressVPN’s servers in the US and other countries are ideal for unblocking Netflix from anywhere in the world including the US, UK, Germany, Canada, and more. It has a huge server network of over 3000 servers and each server contains thousands of IP addresses so you will never run out of IP addresses to connect to.

You can set up ExpressVPN on any device or platform you use including Android, Fire TV Stick, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and more. Moreover, ExpressVPN rotates its servers regularly so each time you connect to the VPN, you will be assigned a new IP address that was not assigned before. This is done to increase anonymity.

expressvpn logo
  • 160 server locations
  • Network Lock kill switch
  • Zero-knowledge DNS
  • VPN split tunneling
  • Stream Sports online

When your ISP inspects data packets and sees that you are streaming shows on Netflix, your ISP will restrict your bandwidth. ExpressVPN will prevent this from happening and help you stay away from ISP throttling.

If you would like to know more about ExpressVPN and its money-back guarantee policy, read our extensive ExpressVPN review.

3. Surfshark VPN

If you are looking for a VPN that will let you connect all your devices to the VPN and also can fix the Netflix proxy error, Surfshark VPN is the one for you. Surfshark VPN has servers across the globe so that you can unblock Netflix US, Germany, Canada, UK, and more in a breeze.

You can use the VPN on any device of your choice as it has apps for major platforms like iOS, Windows, Android, Mac, and Amazon Fire TV and Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. It has an ad-blocker that will prevent all annoying ads from popping up from nowhere while you binge-watch your favorite show or movie on Netflix.

In addition, there are no bandwidth or speed limits. Surfshark VPN will also prevent your ISP from seeing that you are watching shows on Netflix thereby making it impossible for them to throttle your bandwidth.

  • Connect unlimited Devices
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • IP & DNS leak protection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Browser Extensions
  • Strict no-logs policy

Read our full review of Surfshark VPN to know more about its features and its 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Steps to Connect to a VPN and Fix the Netflix Proxy Error

Follow the steps below to connect to a VPN to fix the Netflix proxy error.
  • Choose a top-tier VPN with a good server network from the list above and sign up. We recommend NordVPN to fix the Netflix proxy error.
  • Check if the VPN app for the device you intend to use is available. Once you find it, download the app and install it.
  • Now, make sure you clear the browser cache and cookies and log out of Netflix if you are already logged in.
  • Launch the app and choose a server of your choice. For example, if you wish to access Netflix US, choose a US VPN server.
  • Head to Netflix and log in. Now you are all set to watch any show that is available in Netflix US no matter where you are in the world.
If the US server to which you are currently connected does not work, you can try another server. If you face issues connecting to a server to unblock Netflix, you can contact the VPN’s support team who can help you find the right server for Netflix.

What if the Netflix Proxy Error Still Persists?

You are likely to come across the Netflix proxy error though you use a premium VPN service like NordVPN. You can try using another device to check if the error appears. As most VPNs allow 5 or more concurrent connections, you can connect multiple devices to the VPN at a time to check if the error appears. If Netflix displays the same error, you can contact the VPN’s customer support team or their 24/7 live chat for help.

If the VPN fails to get around Netflix’s blocks and if you still see the proxy error, you can use the VPN’s refund policy to cancel your subscription and get a refund. Most VPNs like NordVPN, Surfshark VPN, and ExpressVPN offer a money-back guarantee policy that will help you to test their service without any hassle.

Free VPN to Fix the Netflix Proxy Error?

Netflix’s anti-VPN measures have now increased and it is trying even harder to make sure its users are not accessing its content library using a VPN. While premium VPN services are trying hard to unblock Netflix by improving their servers, we are sure free VPNs that have a smaller network will not be able to bypass Netflix’s blocks. Free VPNs have fewer IP addresses and if the VPN fails to bypass Netflix’s restrictions, it will end up being blocked. As there are fewer servers and IP addresses, there are chances of Netflix flagging them all.

Moreover, with many people trying to use free VPNs, the servers are likely to be congested and overcrowded resulting in slower connection speeds. Slow speeds eventually make such free VPNs a bad choice for streaming as you cannot stream a video without lags.

You cannot expect a free VPN to be as secure as a premium VPN service. Most free VPNs do not offer a kill switch or offer IP leak protection. Some even lack the most vital security feature, encryption. Most of all, many free services run on ads, so they are more likely to sell your personal data to make money to run their services. So we would recommend our readers to stay away from such shady free VPNs. Instead, you can stick to a premium VPN service like NordVPN or Surfshark VPN.


Netflix tries hard to block its users from accessing its library by using a VPN. Immediately after it detects the usage of a VPN, it displays an error message as it does not want users to access its content library by bypassing its regional blocks. As Netflix detects and blocks VPNs and IP addresses, VPNs are also trying hard to improve their servers and help users unblock Netflix’s libraries without being detected by Netflix. The VPNs mentioned above have a strong track record of unblocking Netflix. Moreover, they have thousands of IP addresses so that even if Netflix detects and blocks some of their IP addresses, they will have many more IPs to which their users can connect.