how to get a chinese ip address

Why Do You Need a Chinese IP?

China has extensive and advanced internet censorship in place. Sometimes, you might require a Chinese IP address to access content available only in China. For instance, Chinese expats and tourists might find it difficult to access websites geoblocked outside China. That’s when you need to access a VPN provider.

On the other hand, if you are into obsessive binge-watching, you can broaden your streaming horizons with popular Chinese streaming sites like Youku, CNTV, Tudo, TV. Shou, IQiYi, with a premium VPN connection. However, anything that enters China can’t be trusted easily, as it has lots of censorship and data surveillance programs. This includes your VPN connection as well. A VPN that meets the Chinese internet should have robust security and privacy features.

In this article, you will know how to get a Chinese IP with a VPN and the list of top VPN providers that help you get this job done.

How to Get a Chinese IP With a VPN?

Connecting to a premium VPN is the only safest and easiest way to get a Chinese IP address. Here is a quick and step-by-step guide that helps you get a Chinese IP instantly.

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN provider that has one or more servers in China.
  • Install the VPN client on your preferred device and establish the VPN connection.
  • Check for the list of VPN servers in China and choose the best performing one.
  • Verify if your IP has been changed.
  • Visit a geo-restricted website or a streaming platform based in China.
  • Consume the desired content without any restriction.

Do you need a VPN to get a Chinese IP?

Smart DNS and proxy servers can easily change your IP address and grant access to region-locked content. But, a VPN is by far considered as the most secure and simple way to replace your IP and unblock streaming media.

The main purpose of a VPN is to create a private connection between your computer and the internet. As you probably know, the internet is not a safe place. It is full of good users and bad users. The evolution of the internet exposed users to online censorship, hacker threats, data mining, and get spammed with ads. That’s when people started using a VPN to protect their connection. Other than helping you change your IP and bypassing geoblocks, a VPN comes with multiple security benefits.

A VPN essentially acts as a middleman between you and your ISP or your mobile network provider. It provides defense from snoopers so that nobody can see the websites you are visiting or the movies you are streaming.

A VPN connection hides your real IP address before replacing it with a new one, thereby saving you from privacy nightmares. A premium VPN encrypts all your browsing activities so that you can’t be intercepted by hackers.

Now that you understood how easy it is to get a Chinese VPN. But there is a catch here. Since China is known for its rigorous online censorship and intrusive data surveillance programs, you need to be very careful before choosing a VPN provider. Government agencies in China can summon a VPN provider to submit users’ browsing histories or other sensitive information. That’s why it is always wise to go for a VPN provider that retains zero user logs. Especially if you are after free VPNs, you should understand that some of them can sell your private data to external parties.

Things You Should Take Into Account Before Choosing a VPN

1. Strict no-logging policy

When you connect the internet using your ISP, they essentially log every site you visit. When you choose a VPN, you should go for one with a no-logging policy. Therefore, everything that goes through them doesn’t get logged. In that way, Government agencies and your ISP can’t request your VPN provider to furnish your personal information or browsing activities. A good VPN doesn’t retain logs, so make sure to choose one.

2. Strong Encryption

A premium VPN will offer you an end-to-end encrypted service. With a secure encryption protocol, your online activities can’t be intercepted by others.

3. Speed and Server Locations

It’s always good to go for a VPN provider with an extensive server network worldwide. In that way, you can switch to multiple servers during network congestion or poor connection. Similarly, you should check out if your VPN provider has good connection speeds to access content libraries of different streaming media without any lag or interruption.

4. Anonymous Payment Options

If you are extremely concerned about your anonymity, you need to go for a VPN provider that accepts anonymous payment methods like cryptocurrencies. These payment options can still keep you protected even if your VPN service is hacked.

To help you securely get a Chinese IP address, here are our top recommended VPN providers.

Top VPNs to get a Chinese IP Address

  • IvacyVPN
  • RusVPN
  • VPNArea
  • Hidemyass (HMA) VPN
  • Hotspot Shield VPN

1. IvacyVPN – The Best Affordable VPN to Get a Chinese IP

IvacyVPN has three servers in Shanghai, China, allowing you to access Chinese content without any restriction. With IvacyVPN’s secure protocols like IKEv2 and military-grade encryption, it gets impossible for ISPs and spying agencies to snoop in on your online activities.

IvacyVPN protects you against DDoS attacks and IPv6 leaks so that you can browse using your new Chinese IP address uninterrupted and without worrying about cyberattacks. With over a decade of customer service and experience, IvacyVPN is a strong choice for internet security.

The significant feature of IvacyVPN is that they have pioneered split tunneling, which allows you to access both local and foreign content at the same time. IvacyVPN has 1000s of servers in 100+locations around the globe. As you have probably seen, they offer the fastest VPN service out there. Thus, IvacyVPN could easily come with buffer-free content streaming for movie buffs.

  • 1000+ Servers
  • Connect up to 10 Devices
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Malware Protection
  • High Speed Downloading

Downloading the Ivacy application is simple. It is also a user-friendly client. With just one click, you can activate it and start surfing the Chinese content anonymously. IvacyVPN works on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

IvacyVPN’s smart features will allow you to configure your VPN to your liking. The Smart Connect option gives you fast and unrestricted access. IvacyVPN offers you a 30-day moneyback, which allows you to explore its features completely.

2. RUSVPN – The Novice VPN Provider With an Impressive Lineup of Features

RUSVPN has six servers in China. You can easily pick one for your browsing, streaming, and torrenting needs. It has an integrated SmartPlay feature that can bypass streaming blackouts instantly.

RUSVPN has P2P-friendly networks, which means you can download torrent files using a Chinese IP address. RUSVPN comes with obfuscated servers and dedicated IP servers to help with your surfing and streaming needs.

RUSVPN features an automatic kill switch that protects you from data leaks during an unexpected connection loss. RUSVPN also ensures that it doesn’t leak your real IP address and DNS requests.

RUSVPN has standalone applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, routers, Chrome, and Firefox.

  • Connect unlimited Devices
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • IP & DNS leak protection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Browser Extensions
  • Strict no-logs policy

3. VPNArea – A reliable VPN Provider with solid Security Options

VPNArea is yet another service provider that comes with 2 VPN servers in China. Both the Beijing and Guanzhou servers support OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2, and Stunnel protocols to keep your connection secure and protected.VPNArea is very secure, and it takes your privacy seriously. They have a clear set of privacy policies that absolutely do not retain user activities.

VPNArea has a wide variety of payment options, including the anonymous Bitcoin payment method. VPNArea has organized its servers in a very neat way. There are dedicated servers, specialized servers, recommended servers categorized such that it becomes easy for you to choose one based on your streaming, browsing, and torrenting needs. You can also check their official website to get more details on the servers currently working to unblock geo-restrictions.

As far as security is concerned, VPNArea has everything you need to keep your streaming and surfing activities secure. An automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection ensure never to leak data to your internet service provider.

  • 100+ Locations in 70 countries
  • Blazing 1 Gbps+ speeds
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Double VPN / Stunnel / IKEv2
  • Use on 6 devices at same time
  • No Logs
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

VPNArea has an impressive customer support team that will address your concerns within a short period. VPNArea is a solid VPN to get a Chinese IP and doesn’t cost too much. It is compatible with various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

4. HMA VPN – A Feature-Rich VPN Provider to Come With Multiple Security Benefits

HMA Pro VPN is one of the pioneers in the industry. It has two server points in China located in Bejing. Both these servers come with a total of 6 IP addresses required for your streaming and browsing needs.

HMA VPN is a renowned name on the market. Dating back in 2005, the service provider has changed a lot over the years. HMA VPN is part of AVAST, one of the largest security companies in the world. There are several great aspects of HMA VPN that make this provider a compatible choice for users who want a Chinese IP address.

HMA VPN has you covered in terms of security. It offers several security protocols, including the most sought after OpenVPN. It also comes with solid AES-256-bit encryption for an overall secure internet experience. HMA VPN has a built-in automatic kill switch. It also keeps you protected against data leaks. HMA VPN doesn’t store your real IP address and DNS requests.

  • Military-grade encryption
  • Fully encrypted servers
  • DDoS protection
  • No logging
  • P2P-optimized servers
  • 20 Gbps connection speeds
  • Use up to 5 devices

HMA VPN has many servers located all around the world in over 190 countries. Unlike its peers that come with server networks dispersed mostly in the US and throughout western Europe, HMA VPN covers most parts of the world with many servers. If you subscribe to HMA, you will have access to servers in all continents and more popular destinations and also in some places that usually lack server coverage by other VPN service providers.

HMA VPN has decent server speeds. HMA VPN has a total of five allows connections at the same time. The service supports various platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, and even routers. HMA VPN offers a 7-day free trial and a convenient 30-day moneyback policy.

5. Hotspot Shield – VPN That Assures Secure Access To Chinese Content

Hotspot Shield is the home of over 3200+ servers across over 80 countries. With its high-speed server in China, Hotspot Shield allows you to access Baidu Video, Youku, iQiyi, LeTV, PPTV, and 100+ popular Chinese streaming sites.

Unlike other VPN providers, Hotspot Shield has created their own protocol popularly known as ‘Catapult Hydra.’ This protocol deploys the OpenSSL library to encrypt data.

Hotspot Shield is an amazing application in protecting your security and privacy during your browsing sessions. The VPN keeps your security intact with robust encryption, leak protection, and malware protection tools.

Hotspot Shield has an automatic kill switch for the dedicated Windows application. The split tunneling feature lets you designate what traffic you would like to flow through on a particular tunnel. This feature keeps all your torrenting and browsing sessions secure.

  • 3,200 servers in 80+ countries
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Link up to 5 devices
  • 45-Day Money-Back guarantee
  • 24/7 live tech support

Hotspot Shield guarantees an absolute no-log policy. It doesn’t monitor your browsing activities or retains sensitive information like your IP address. Hotspot Shield lets you use P2P file sharing and torrenting on its network without any restriction. Due to the Catapult Hydra Protocol, there is little to no loss in speed.

Hotspot Shield is compatible with all major devices, including macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome. There is a 45-day refund window period for unsatisfied users.

Common FAQs

Why Do People Need to Get a Chinese IP Address?

People might need a Chinese IP address to visit technological product websites, stream Chinese shows, and watch Live Chinese sports. Unfortunately, if you are outside China, you will be blocked from accessing all these sites due to geo-restrictions.

How to Get a China IP Address?

Using a VPN is the only simple and secure way to get a Chinese IP address. A VPN connection replaces your real IP with a new one and spoofs your geographic location. In that way, you can access all geo-restricted content in China from anywhere in the world.

VPNs Can I Use to Get a China IP Address?

There are so many premium VPNs that help you securely get a Chinese IP address. You can look at some of our top recommendations above and choose one based on your needs.

What Should I Look For When Choosing a VPN to China?

Since China is notoriously popular in monitoring users’ online activities, it is essential to go for a VPN provider that doesn’t retain any traffic logs. You should also check if your VPN provider comes with the ability to access Chinese streams and download torrent files from China.

Which VPNs Can Not be Used to Get a Chinese IP?

Any service provider that doesn’t have VPN servers in China can’t get a Chinese IP address.


China has its own internet and streaming channels. If you wish to get into China digitally without falling for its censorship and surveillance programs, you need to get a Chinese IP address using a premium VPN provider. Choose the right one today and get access to Chinese content without any restrictions.

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