how to opt out of intelius
Intelius, a highly rated online public data source, is generally used by employers, etc., for background checks. Realtors and employers generally use this service to check the background of potential renters and employees. However, not just employers and realtors can see your profile on Intelius; it can be viewed by strangers who are willing to pay for the service, as well.

Nevertheless, there is a way to completely remove your profile from Intelius and prevent unauthorized people from viewing your profile. This article explains how to remove all your data from Intelius and also prevent it from getting re-added.

You can see text like “Learn neighbors’ pasts”, “discover SECRETS!”, “Gather location details,” etc., on the registration page of Intelius. This means anyone who wants to gather details can use it and all they need to do to get someone’s personal data is to pay a fee. This shows that your data is never private on Intelius, as this platform allows almost anyone who pays the fees to view your name, phone number, address, and other details. If you wish to protect your privacy and do not want your profile to appear on Intelius, you can go ahead and delete your record. In just a few clicks and minutes, you can remove your profile from Intelius.

Delete Your Data From Intelius

While deleting your profile from Intelius is quite a straightforward process, you will also need to remove your profile from other platforms like ZabaSearch, PeekYou, Whitepages, etc. You can check and delete your profile manually, but we suggest using a tool that can make the process of removing your profile easier. You can use Incogni to remove your profile from Intelius and more quickly.

Follow the steps below to remove your personal details from Intelius using Incogni.

  • Go to Surfshark VPN’s Incogni or a similar tool that can remove your profile from Intelius and other data brokers.
  • You will need to be subscribed to use Incogni. As there are different subscription plans, you can choose the one that suits your needs.
  • Once you are signed in, Incogni will start sending requests to remove your data to Intelius and all other data brokers that could possibly have your data.
  • Incogni will not just stop with sending a request to remove your data, but it will continue to send requests until your profile is completely removed. Your profile may not be removed immediately, but in a week or two, you can expect your profile to be removed.
  • Incogni keeps looking for and adding new data brokers, so when it adds new data brokers, it will send requests to them to remove your profile.

To register with Incogni, you will need to fill out a form with your contact information. You will need to sign the power of attorney document and confirm your email. Once you do this, Incogni will send emails to data brokers on your behalf to remove your profile from their database. Incogni will let you check the number of companies it has contacted and the names of companies that have removed your data and the ones that are in the process of removing your data.

Alternatively, if you wish to remove your profile from Intelius manually, follow the steps below.

Delete Your Intelius Profile Manually

You can manually opt-out of Intelius. Remember, our profile may not be removed immediately, but it might take a few days to remove your data. Follow the steps below to remove your data from Intelius manually.

  • Intelius has an opt-out website, Go to this site, and check the box beside “Public Records Opt Out – Remove your name and report from Intelius.” If you are from California, make sure “CCPA Deletion” is checked, as well, to make sure your data isn’t sold.
  • Enter your name and other details into the boxes provided and hit Continue.
  • Now, find and select your profile from the list.
  • Intelius will send you a confirmation email with a link. Click on that link to confirm the deletion of your profile.

What is Incogni?

Surfshark VPN’s new service, Incogni, is a tool that contacts data brokers on your behalf and sends requests to remove your profile from their database. It has a list of over 76 brokers and also keeps adding new brokers to its list. So, as and when a new data broker is added to its list, Incogni will send requests to them to remove your profile.

Once you set up an Incogni account, it will do everything on your behalf and you can check back once in a while to know about the brokers to whom Incogni has sent emails and the list of data brokers that have removed your profile. If it notices that they have not taken any action or if they don’t seem to comply, Incogni can even escalate complaints. All these features make it one of the best software for data deletion.

You can use Incogni to remove your profile from Intelius, PeekYou, ZabaSearch, and more. If you would like to try this service, you can use its money-back guarantee policy.

Why Should You Remove Your Data from Intelius

A “people-search site,” Intelius was founded in 2003. It helps consumers and businesses look up criminal records, perform background checks, and more. It compiles profiles by scraping data from social networks, blogs, yellow pages, property deeds, public records databases, and white pages. It will use the information it gathers and creates profiles for the names mentioned in the sources mentioned above. Intelius profiles can have one’s name, phone number, address, criminal records, histories of marriage, bankruptcies, etc., and more.

Though companies use this information to run background checks, not everyone whose profile is listed on Intelius will be happy about their personal details being easily accessible online. If you are one among them and you do not want your personal data to be available on Intelius, you can choose to opt out of Intelius and remove your records. This will make it hard for anyone looking for your personal data to find the information they need. This includes hackers, identity thieves, and other third parties who want to find your information for fraudulent purposes.

It is a good idea to remove your data from Intelius even if you do not have anything to hide. That is because your data on Intelius can be found and used by anyone without your consent. Anyone can literally steal your personal data using this tool just by making a payment. It is legal for Intelius to gather and list your personal data as it only collects data that is already available. So you are left with no other option than to delete your data from Intelius if you do not want your data to be listed there.

While most information on Intelius is correct, some data can be wrong. If there is a typo or some other error on the official document, Intelius cannot correct it, so it will list it as it is. If you wish to correct such information on Intelius, you will have to correct it on the official document first. You can also contact Intelius to correct your data or just delete your profile if you do not wish incorrect information to be listed on Intelius.

Protect Yourself from Prying Eyes Online

While it is not completely possible to protect all your personal data online and prevent yourself from being tracked by social media platforms, apps, etc., you can take certain steps to protect your privacy online. Using a VPN is one of the best ways to stay anonymous online. That is because a VPN will hide your real IP address so that websites, streaming services, apps, etc., you use will not be able to track your activities as they cannot see your original IP address when you are connected to a VPN.

The Final Word

Opting out of Intelius might sound like a straightforward process, but it is not as easy as you think. Even if you are able to get in touch with Intelius and remove your profile, your data can still be visible on other data brokers online. The best and the easiest way to make sure your profile is removed from all data brokers is by using tools like Incogni that will keep looking for new data brokers and keep contacting them to remove your profile from their databases.

If you are looking for ways to protect your privacy online and to stay anonymous, we recommend reading our VPN blog that has useful information on online security and how a VPN will help you stay secure online.