Things You Might Not Expect, but It’s Possible to Do Using a VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the useful tools used by many while surfing the Internet. On a basic level, everyone is aware that a VPN helps you achieve anonymity by hiding your IP address and location from hackers, Google, and your ISP provider.

But how much can you achieve using a VPN except anonymity is way more than anyone can think. Below are a few things you might not be aware of but possible to do using a VPN.

1. Bypassing ISP Bandwidth Throttling

Is it familiar that YouTube videos keep buffering or watching any other streaming content consistently is difficult, despite 10+ Mbps internet connection speed? If yes, then your ISP (Internet Service Provider) could be a culprit who might be throttling your internet traffic, resulting in reduced speed despite the advertised one.

Most of the ISPs throttle web traffic ultimately, resulting in slow internet speed.

A VPN can help overcome this issue. ISP can throttle specific websites only if they can inspect and separate your internet traffic into “throttle” and “don’t throttle” groups. If you use a VPN, the ISP will not be able to read or separate your traffic into high and low-speed groups, resulting in providing the original internet speed.


2. Staying Anonymous While Commenting or Publishing Articles

Many dictatorial organizations and countries such as North Korea don’t like it when negative comments or opinions about them are published. If the published article or comment tarnishes their image, they even sue the commentators or the publishers of such articles. But by using a VPN, you can safely visit the website and share your opinion about them without the fear of getting into trouble. However, you need to be careful and use only reputed VPN providers, as free VPNs are like a hit and miss.

3. Keeping Search and Web Browsing History Private

You might not be aware, but the majority of ISPs (Internet Service Provider) around the globe track their subscribers’ web-browsing habits. It usually includes websites visited, files downloaded, videos and pictures viewed, and much more.

It’s pretty much an invasion of privacy.

With the help of a VPN, you can avoid such situations. It helps in encrypting your’ internet traffic and prevents your ISPs from snooping around your browsing history. Also, if you make use of a web browser like DuckDuckGo along with a VPN, you can avoid being tracked by search giants like Google.


4. Spare Money on Flight Tickets While Travelling

Booking costs for hotels and airplanes differ depending on the users’ location. You might come across two different fares for the same hotel or flight from two different locations.

Using a VPN, you can benefit by booking from a location that shows a cheaper rate. A VPN allows you to appear as if you come from a different location and not your original location.


5. Get More Free Services from Websites

You might have visited a website that lets you read or download a certain number of articles, PDFs or other files in a day or a month. Even online tools provide a limited number of ‘free’ searches for a specific time period.

A VPN can help you by hiding your IP address. Websites generally track their visitors’ IP addresses. If the IP address is changed, the site will treat you as a new visitor. Changing your IP address through a VPN will be beneficial as you can use these services as many times you want.


6. Online Shopping Through Other Countries

The moment you visit a shopping website, it will detect your location using your IP address. Then, they will either allow you to access it or even disallow it due to regional restrictions. They may even redirect you to the version of the website that matches your country.

A VPN will prevent shopping websites from doing so. It will make you appear from the country of your choice and not from your real location. For instance, you will be able to visit a website accessible only to Canadians from the USA with a VPN.


7. Use Different Versions of App Stores and Apps Restricted to Some Countries

Yes – iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store open different versions depending on the country from where you’ve signed in. Generally, these app stores differ from country to country. For example, an Android or iOS app store of your smartphone will be different if you sign in and open the app from the USA and different if you are in Canada.

So, if you want to sign in from another location or want access to an app that is restricted in your country, a VPN will be the best bet you can go for. You can hide your actual location and make yourself appear from the country of your choice by selecting the preferred VPN server.

  • Connect to a VPN server of the country of your choice.
  • Create a new iTunes or Google Account.
  • Logout from your current iTunes or Google account from your smartphone/tablet/iPad/iPhone.
  • Now, log in through your new iTunes or Google account. (As long as your device remains connected with the VPN, you will be able to access the app store of that particular country without any difficulty.)

8. Test Your Apps, Websites, and Online Projects from Other Countries

If you’re an app developer, webmaster, or someone who wants to test something through a web browser from another country, then a VPN can be useful.

Log in to the VPN by selecting the country of your choice and you’ll be able to test/visit the website by making yourself appear from a foreign country.


9. Stream Restricted Movies in Netflix, Kodi, Hulu

Not able to access your favorite show due to regional restrictions or you’re traveling to another country and missed your favorite show on Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, or other apps. Solve the problem using a reliable VPN.

If you’re connected to a VPN, you will be able to bypass these restricted streaming services like Netflix.


10. Watch Restricted YouTube Videos

Have you ever tried to watch a YouTube video, but failed to do so, as that YouTube video wasn’t available in your country?

In that case, a VPN can help you solve this problem. Connect to a VPN server and try to watch that video again. You will be able to view it.


Wrapping Up

By looking at the above tips, it’s quite clear how much it can assist. Whether you’re working in an organization, want to use for watching Netflix of another region, get free services from websites, want to save money while booking flight or hotel, or wish to access Google Play Store of another country, there’s plenty of it. If anything is missed or you have some tips to add in, let us know in below comment section!