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Overall Rating: 4 / 5

Official Information

Zirkoon 232
3316 KD Dordrecht
The Netherlands

About Goose VPN

Run by Goose B.V., Goose VPN is of Rotterdam city, based in the European country Netherlands. It’s one of the easy to use new VPN services which is aimed towards the home users, who are looking to access restricted foreign content instead of any serious privacy buff. Also, it’s been among the top choices of the France and Germany VPN users, due to its unlimited simultaneous connections at a low price. Let’s get into details and learn how simple to use Goose VPN is, while further reviewing its other features and options.

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Table of Contents

Features of Goose VPN

During our Goose VPN review, we liked some of the features, which are as below:

Security Protocols

Goose VPN offers support for four different protocols namely,

  • IKEv2, which is a high-speed protocol, an ideal solution for new devices. Also, one of the standard protocols supported by the majority of the devices.
  • L2TP/IPSec, which is mostly used by modems and routers. The protocol is also provided in their iOS application.
  • PPTP protocol, quite similar to L2TP, but quite preferable for older devices. Moreover, some of the routers also support this protocol.
  • OpenVPN protocol, which works best combined with Windows10 and also some of the routers and external devices.


It uses secure 256-bit AES encryption along with with above mentioned four protocols, to protect user’s information while blocking unauthorized access and preserving privacy.

Kill Switch

Provides Kill Switch feature to protect data, means your identity will remain anonymous even if the VPN connection gets disconnected. Though, the only thing to take care about is that by default this feature is off, so for using this feature you must turn on by yourself.

Supports P2P

If users are looking for servers supported by Torrenting or say P2P supported servers, then yes it offers on certain servers, and for making convenient for users, it even has the P2P written beside the server.

Support for Multiple Devices

GooseVPN let you connect with an unlimited number of different devices with one single account. Means, user can connect with as many devices they want at once for anonymous browsing, whether it’s a mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

Server Network

When it comes to the server, it’s low at this side, as it offers only 54 server locations in 25 different countries. Though it’s low, it provides some of the important places such as the UK and USA, which are also owned and managed by the company itself rather than renting it.

Multiple Compatibility

Offers compatibility for different platforms and devices like macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Smart Phones, and iPhone.

Pricing Structure – How much does Goose VPN cost?

1 Month


$12.99 billed every month
0% Off
Get Free Trial

3 Years

$93.53 billed every 3 years
80% Off
Get Free Trial

1 Year

$59.88 billed every year
62% Off
Get Free Trial

While doing our Goose VPN review, we saw that payment methods are limited, but again it accepts payments made by all the major credit cards like VISA, AMEX, Discover, and also PayPal. Apart from that, for all the plans, the first month is offered for free, or you can say free one-month trial period.

Goose VPN Sped Test – How Fast is Goose VPN?

No doubt security and anonymity are essential when it comes to VPN, but again performance shouldn’t be overlooked. While doing Goose VPN review, we concluded that it’s not bad but not that good either. Goose VPN is an average when it comes to speed.

GooseVPN Speed Test Results

goose vpn speedtest

By looking at the above speed test, it’s evident that speed provided in Madrid, Spain is much better compared to that offered in Texas. So, you can say that it depends, sometimes Goose VPN can handle high speeds in some areas and some it can’t. Also, it varies from which place you’re using the Goose VPN.

Where Are Goose VPN Servers Located?

Through our Goose VPN review, we learned that it’s still in the beginner stage. They don’t have a huge list, and currently, they have around 100+ servers across 28 different countries, and the good part is that all are owned by them and not rented.
united-states-of-america United States

australia Australia

austria Austria

belarus Belarus

bulgaria Bulgaria

canada Canada

france France

czech-republic Czech Republic

united-kingdom United Kingdom

denmark Denmark

germany Germany

hungary Hungary

india India

isle-of-man Isle of man

italy Italy

japan Japan

netherlands Netherlands

norway Norway

poland Poland

romania Romania

singapore Singapore

spain Spain

sweden Sweden

switzerland Switzerland

How is the User Interface of Goose VPN?

Goose VPN does not provide the best and polished UI (User Interface), but it’s quite easy to get the job done. It’s quite intuitive and more accessible to the user, even if the user is a complete beginner. Though the home screen of Goose VPN may look bit busy, it gives access to many functionalities of the application. Moreover, it provides a standard ON/OFF switch for secure web connection and to disconnect from a server. You’ll also get a dropdown menu consisting of all the available servers to select from.

Even, at the bottom of the application, a protocol which is in use is shown. Furthermore, Goose VPN does offer a user-friendly design, though it’s not that polished UI visually like other VPN providers offer.

How Is the Customer Support Service of Goose VPN?

Their customer support can be contacted through email, social media, Live Chat, or a FAQ. Also, they list their Dutch phone number. Unfortunately, Goose VPN does not provide any technical help via phone.

Apart from that, if you have any severe technical query and can’t reach through any means, their quick email service will be helpful even if it’s weekends, they give quick turnaround and moreover the knowledgebase of the Goose VPN offers an extensive collection of several topics like how to use Torrent, guide to install VPN in different routers, and much more in a clear and concise manner.

What Are the Pros of Goose VPN?

  • Provides strong AES-256 Encryption
  • The interface is interactive enough to give ease
  • Multiple logins with one single account
  • Provides compatibility with many platforms and devices
  • Torrenting is allowed on many of their servers
  • Provides special functionality like Kill Switch

Cons – Room for improvement

  • Speed is quite an average
  • Located in the Netherlands which comes under 9-eye jurisdiction
  • Logging policy is a bit vague
  • Cannot unblock BBC iPlayer

Bottom Line

If you have come till here, then I can say you know why it’s one of the average VPN providers. In other words, not bad nor good to provide any exceptional service. Though being an average doesn’t mean that it does not fulfill the promises of any regular VPN. It does, but in a certain area, it still needs work. For example, the list of their server is quite small, which they are expanding as and when they get a chance, but again the plus point is that all of the servers are owned by Goose VPN and not rented.

Moreover, it also provides access to restricted streaming services like Netflix on the US server. And recently added the Kill Switch functionality, but Split Tunnelling is still not available. Likewise, it comes under the jurisdiction of Nine Eye, which means they have to provide the user information if a subpoena with a gag order is given to them.

Lastly, I would like to say that it’s one of the advisable VPN services, which is okay with the user who makes limited use of VPN and less demanding. Also, for sure, in the near future, they will attract more users while expanding themselves.

Goose VPN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Strong is Encryption of Goose VPN?

Goose VPN offers AES 256-bit secure encryption standard to encrypt and protect your data.

Does Goose VPN work with Netflix?

Yes, Goose VPN works with Netflix. It’s possible to access streaming sites like Netflix on the US server. Though its possible connection might get slowed down sometime, you will be able to watch your favorite Netflix show without the fear of getting disconnected.

Does Goose VPN have a Kill Switch?

Yes, Goose VPN provides a Kill Switch functionality for all the users. The main reason is to cut off the connection for a temporary basis, between the servers and maintain anonymity, in case you lose a VPN connection. Though by default this feature is turned off, and the user must switch it on to make use of this feature.

Is Goose VPN Good for Torrenting?
Torrenting is one of the areas, which is used genuinely, as giant companies use it for increasing the download speed of their big files or its even used in illegal ways by many users, for example, to download copyrighted materials. So, it’s something, which is often not provided by some VPN providers. Luckily Goose VPN is not one those, it offers torrenting on some of their selected servers, and also for the convenience of the users they specifically mention “P2P” beside the server name, so the user can identify which one to use, if torrenting or P2P is their primary purpose.
Is Goose VPN Deal Available?

Yes, Goose VPN offers a deal on their subscription plan. For example, if you go for 1-year subscription plan you’ll be able to save up to 62%, 2-year plan subscription plan then 77% and if you choose the 3-year plan, you’ll be able to enjoy 80% off on its original price.

Is Goose VPN Tested for Data or WebRTC Leaks?
A leak usually means your browser can get revealed despite using VPN service. Luckily, Goose VPN passed the test, and it’s good to say that it does not leak your DNS or IP. We tested using the UK servers, and the IPs were also run across several DNS leak test sites, and all the results were “OK,” and there was no issue.

In our research, we saw that it passed most of the tests done on the sites mentioned above for WebRTC or data leaks.

On How Many Devices Can I Use Goose VPN?

Yes, Goose VPN allows you to connect with several devices with one single subscription plan. But it does come with a drawback. If it’s of 50 GB limit subscription plan, then it will be reached out quickly with the usage of several different devices at once.

Does Goose VPN Support Split Tunneling?

Unfortunately, Split Tunneling feature is not available in the Goose VPN.

Does Goose VPN work in China?
No, Goose VPN does not work in China. Moreover, Goose VPN users have also reported “No Internet access,” but again there’s no need to worry, if you haven’t purchased Goose VPN and looking to get especially to access VPN in China to bypass the Great Firewall, many other VPN providers like NordVPN offers their VPN services which work in China.
Does Goose VPN Offer an AdBlocker?
Yes, Goose VPN offers AdBlockers feature to help users to get rid of annoying ads, while providing anonymity.
Does Goose VPN Offer a Free Trial Version?

Yes, Goose VPN offers a free trial version for the first 30 days, which makes it excellent for taking their service as a test drive before making any long-term deal.

How do I cancel Goose VPN subscription?
If you’re having any issue with your subscription plan, then send an email to their support team, and they will try to help you out. Moreover, if you’re sure about the subscription cancellation, then it’s quite easy and possible to do it without any notice period.


  • Log into your account – https://portal.goosevpn.com/clientarea.php
  • Select My Profile” option
  • From that choose the option
  • Cancel subscription.
  • Enter the reason behind it, which is optional and taken as feedback to improve their service
  • Finally, select cancel GOOSE VPN directly or after the term

In our research, we saw that it passed most of the tests done on the sites mentioned above for WebRTC or data leaks.

Can I Install Goose VPN on My Router?

Yes, it’s possible to install Goose VPN on many of the routers. Also, it’s recommended that the user go through their manuals based upon the router and follow the step-by-step guide to know how the process works.

Does Goose VPN Keep Log Files?
It’s from the Netherlands, means Goose VPN does come under a Nine Eye jurisdiction, due to which it’s legally obliged to share the user information, if the national security gets interested in whatever reason, for example, details of suspected terrorists. Also, further reading their privacy policy, we find that they openly say that they will use personal data in a specific scenario like any legal requirement.

So, if you’re looking for 100% privacy, which is a purpose of every VPN, then it’s for sure that Goose VPN won’t prove as the right choice.

How Do I Get a Refund from Goose VPN?
Yes, users are liable to get a 100% refund, if the VPN usage is less than 100 MB and is still under the trial period. If the customer fails to meet this requirement, the return will not be issued. Moreover, users can cancel their recurring subscription from the website profile or iTunes/App Store whenever they want, but the refund will not be issued for any of the unused parts of the current subscription plan.

Goose VPN Alternatives

  • Unlimited devices
  • Supports P2P
  • 30-day Money Back
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • DNS leak protection
  • Use up to 6 devices
  • Best for Steaming Events
  • DDoS Protection
  • Access Any Website
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Connect up to 5 devices
  • No Logging Policy
  • Split Tunneling
  • Easy to use
  • Free version available