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Official Information

9251 Yonge St #8901
Richmond Hill
ON L4C 9T3, Canada

About Windscribe VPN

A relatively new VPN service provider, Windscribe, based in Canada is genuinely concerned about its users’ privacy. It is well-known for its free plans and its affordable paid plans, as well. It is not just a VPN provider but it also offers other tools that block trackers and ads. This VPN service makes it easy for its customers to mask their location and helps them access geographically restricted content, block ads and safeguard their online privacy. Windscribe offers a free plan that provides up to 10 GB data per month and an unlimited paid plan.

Apart from that, Windscribe’s browser extension, a cool additional feature is available for most popular browsers like Chrome, Opera and Firefox. It helps users block ads and trackers. There are also apps for smart TVs like Amazon, Nvidia Shield, and Kodi.

Windscribe makes sure it implements high-standard encryption with a 4096-bit RSA key and AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth which is said to be very secure. Though it is a new VPN service, it offers an industry standard 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN tunneling protocol. Its Chrome extension is being used by more than 900,000 people across the globe as it gives them free proxy access.

While there are hundreds of VPN service providers out there offering a lot of attractive features and discounts, our review aims at helping you choose the best VPN service without much hassle. Here’s the full Windscribe VPN review.

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Features of Windscribe VPN

  • Encryption – AES 256-bit and 4096-bit RSA keys
  • Simultaneous connections allowed – Unlimited
  • Number of Servers – 300+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Browser extensions – Yes, for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
  • Killswitch – No, but it features the firewall
  • Email support – Yes
  • Apps availability – MacOS, iPhone, Windows, Chrome, Linux, Firefox,
  • Payment methods – Credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoins or through Paymentwall
  • Free trial – 3 days
  • Refund period – 3 days
  • Data usage – Unlimited
  • No log policy – Yes, you will not be personally identified

Additional Features:

  • R.O.B.E.R.T. (Remote Omnidirectional Badware Eliminating Robotic Tool) – Windscribe’s exclusive feature that blocks ads and malware
  • Generates OpenVPN, IKEv2 and SOCKS configs for all the devices you use
  • Static IPs that may not change

How Much Does Windscribe Cost?

Windscribe offers three subscription plans. The free plan, the premium paid plan and a third option where you can build your own plan based on your needs.

The paid plans come with unlimited data, the config generator, and R.O.B.E.R.T. Likewise, people choosing the free plan may not be able to unlock all the locations and their usage will be limited.

When you go for a premium account, you will be offered unlimited data. You are free to choose the monthly or yearly plans. However, if you go for the yearly plan you get a discount. With a pro plan, you can access all the servers in more than 50 countries and there is no limit like that on the free plan. There is no data cap and so you get unlimited data.

Plan Name/Tenure Monthly Price Annual Price Billing Cycle Benefits
1 Month $9 $108 Monthly Nil
1 Year $4.08 $49 Annually 55% Discount

1 Month



1 Year



Build A Plan


Billed $1.00 per location, per month

The free plan is for those on a budget. But its features are limited as it comes with a data cap and you may not be able to unlock all the locations. You will be provided with only 10 GB of data when you choose to go for the free plan. This may be sufficient if your usage is light but it may not be the right choice if you stream entertainment and download a lot of files.

Building your own plan would be a cost-effective option as you can customize your own plan and pay only for the servers you wish to use. For example, if you wish to stream content only from Australia and Mexico, you can pay only for those servers.

Windscribe does not offer a free trial. Instead, it offers a free plan so that the users can, in fact, use the service. Followed by that, they can continue with the free plan if their usage is limited or switch to the pro plan.

Windscribe accepts payment made through credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoins or through Paymentwall. It offers a 3-day money back guarantee. The refund window is quite short because it offers a free plan.

Awards & Certificates

Windscribe was awarded second place for the Best Free VPN in Best VPN Awards for 2019.


How Fast is Windscribe? – Speed Test

You might want to know if your VPN will offer a high-speed connection and you will need a service that is fast. When you connect to a VPN, you might experience some speed loss, which is common. VPNs could slow down your connection because of the extra VPN tunnel your connection goes through. At times, your connection could be slow because of server congestion. But the speed loss will not be too high with a good VPN service.

Windscribe VPN servers are fast. Its browser extension connects the users automatically to the best closest server to maximize speeds. You can test the speed of your VPN using online tools like speedtest.net. Here are the results of the speed tests conducted to test the speed of Windscribe VPN.

Server Location Ping Download Upload
Hong Kong Asia 210 ms 24.70 Mbps 9.43 Mbps
Europe Switzerland 53 ms 90.62 Mbps 81.86 Mbps

How Many Servers Does Windscribe Have?

Windscribe has over 300 servers in more than 50 locations.

























New Zealand








South Africa

South Korea








United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States


Is Windscribe VPN User-Friendly?

Even first time users will find it easy to find servers and choose protocols on Windscribe’s clear interface. The interface shows the data left, your server location, IP address, and the status of your firewall. It’s easy to set up an account and start using your VPN.

Windscribe does not stop with providing VPN services but it also offers few other interesting features like Windflix that allows users to stream Netflix content, the browser extension that helps block ads and trackers and offers strong encryption. With its free plan, you can find out what this VPN service can do for you without spending a dime.

Windscribe’s biggest strength is that it is compatible with all leading platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Likewise, it offers extensions for leading browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. With the help of OpenVPN, you can configure the VPN on your router. You will be able to stream your favorite content on Netflix without any issue.

Windscribe lets users choose servers manually or choose the best available server closest to them. Overall, this VPN is easy to use and is user-friendly.

Windscribe VPN – Customer Support Service

Windscribe has an excellent customer service team but there is no 24/7 support. It is a small company and does all its support in-house. It has to support free accounts too, so it does not provide 24/7 support at the moment. Likewise, it does not offer phone support. You can only contact customer support via email or live chat.

Windscribe also offers support through its knowledge base articles. You can always check the knowledge base when you have a question or when you experience an issue. Through its knowledge base, this VPN ensures that the users are able to get a quick solution to their problems.

Pros of Windscribe VPN

  • Excellent Free plan with 10 GB data
  • Paid plan with unlimited data and device connections
  • Strong 256-bit encryption options
  • Compatible with all popular platforms
  • Chrome extension
  • More than 300 servers in more than 50 locations
  • Compatible with devices like Amazon
  • Multiple payment options
  • Blocks ads and trackers through the browser extension
  • Works with Netflix and allows torrenting
  • Firewall feature

Cons of Windscribe VPN

  • Slow live chat support
  • No phone support/support only through email and live chat
  • Does not support IPv6 VPN tunnels

Is Windscribe a Good/Safe VPN?

Your personal data will be kept safe from hackers even when you use public WiFi. You can block all unwanted advertisers from tracking your online activity. Some corporations track internet users’ personal information and sell it. Windscribe prevents that and keeps your data private.
This VPN provider does not stop with providing VPN services but it also offers other interesting features like WINDFLIX that allows you to stream Netflix content, browser extensions that help block ads and trackers and it offers strong encryption. With the free plan, you can find out what this VPN service can do for you without spending a dime.

Windscribe’s biggest strength is that it is compatible with all leading platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Likewise, it offers extensions for leading browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. With the help of OpenVPN, you can configure the VPN on your router.

It has a secure firewall and a decent number of servers in different locations. To sum up, Windscribe is worth considering. Hope, this Windscribe VPN review helps you to make your choice.

Windscribe VPN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Windscribe Block Ads?
Having a VPN alone does not guarantee your online privacy. Through the cookies stored in your browser, your online activity may still be tracked. But with Windscribe, you can prevent this from happening. Its browser extension will block the trackers and ads that can track you after you disconnect from the VPN. This ensures that your data will not be tracked.
Does Windscribe Keep Logs?

No, it does not maintain logs and your record will be discarded soon after you disconnect. While it does not keep track of your activity, it just keeps track of your 30-day bandwidth usage data just to make sure the free users do not exceed their monthly data usage limit. Likewise, the connection time, amount of data transferred, your server and your username will be tracked, but for no more than three minutes from the time you disconnect. It does not store your data and does not maintain logs. So, you can be sure that you are not being tracked while browsing online.

How Many Devices Can I Connect with one Windscribe Account?
Users can connect multiple devices with the paid as well as the free plans. A single VPN account can connect to an unlimited number of devices. While most VPN services allow users to connect less than five devices, Windscribe allows unlimited connections.
Does Windscribe hide your IP?

Yes, it does. Windscribe will replace the IP address assigned to you by your ISP with an IP address from one of its servers. This way, the websites you visit and other networks will not be able to view the original IP address of your device.

Can you use Windscribe on iPhone?

Yes, it has software clients for iOS devices. This VPN service will let you unblock geo-blocked content, browse anonymously and secure your WiFi connection.

Is Windscribe good for torrenting/p2p?
Most VPNs ban torrenting. Windscribe doesn’t. However, not all its servers support torrenting. With their tutorials on how to configure torrent clients, you can configure it. Windscribe does not throttle torrent downloads, which is good news for torrenters.

Paid as well as free subscribers can use this VPN for torrent/p2p downloads and Windscribe is one of the few VPN services that allow free subscribers to torrent files.

How to Access Geo-Blocked Content With Windscribe?
In some countries, the government blocks certain content and it may not be accessible to people living in a certain location. With Windscribe, you will be able to access blocked content without being tracked. It will help you mask your IP address and access blocked content that includes news and entertainment, in more than 60 countries.
Does Windscribe Have a Kill Switch?

No, it does not feature a kill switch but has a firewall. With a firewall, Windscribe assures that the packets will not leak as the firewall will block connectivity outside of the VPN tunnel soon after you are disconnected. You can be assured that your IP address will not be exposed.

Is Windscribe Free?
While Windscribe offers a paid plan it offers a free plan, as well, where you can use it for free as long as you like. When you register for a free account with your email address, you will get 10GB of free data per month. With a free account, you can access servers in just 10 locations.
Is Windscribe Paid Service faster than the Free service?
With the free account, you will only get 10 GB of bandwidth and get access to just 10 locations, while you get unlimited data and access to all locations with the paid service. Unsurprisingly, servers are likely to be faster with the paid service than the free VPN service.
What is Windscribe's Refund Policy?
When you purchase a premium VPN service, Windscribe allows you to test its service for 3 days and cancel it if you do not like the service. The refund window is quite short but the reason is that it offers a free plan so that the users can try the service before they switch to a paid service.
Does Windscribe Work with Netflix?
The premium plans allow for Netflix use without restrictions with Windscribe’s Windflix feature. All you need to do to access US/UK content is to connect to the WINDFLIX location. WINDFLIX is a feature meant for Netflix. This will allow users to bypass Netflix restrictions and stream US and UK Netflix content.
Is Windscribe Browser Extension Available?
The browser extension is a cool additional feature. Extensions are available for most popular browsers like Chrome, Opera and Firefox. It helps users block ads and trackers. There are also apps for smart TVs like Amazon, Nvidia Shield, and Kodi.

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