NordVPN has introduced yet another new feature, Meshnet, that will let users create private encrypted tunnels between devices. This is a free feature and you can use it even if you have not paid for a NordVPN subscription. The process of setting up Meshnet is quite similar to setting up and using NordVPN. You can easily use it if you have already used a VPN before.

VPNs create a secure channel between the device you use and a VPN server. Meshnet works in a similar way, but it will route your traffic through another Meshnet-enabled device. This way, you will be allowed to create your own VPN server. If you enable Meshnet on your device like a smartphone, when you travel, you can appear online and appear like you are browsing the web from a device at your home.

As this feature is pretty new, it is completely free to use and anyone can use Meshnet to create their own private VPN.

Is Meshnet Free

This new feature called Meshnet is free and NordVPN has introduced this feature to make it easy for those who cannot afford a VPN to stay secure online. While NordVPN offers premium security features and is one of the most trustworthy VPN services, not everyone can afford it. Likewise, all users may not need all such premium features and some might need just a few basic security features.

Meshnet will be an ideal choice for people looking to route their traffic and online security. Meshnet will allow users to encrypt their traffic and route it through any device they choose. For instance, while you travel abroad, you can connect to a device at your home or route your traffic through your friend’s device who lives abroad. You can do so using the IP addresses of those devices.

NordVPN, which aims at making the internet safe and free, came up with Meshnet to give all internet users a chance to reap the benefits of having their own private VPN. It is free because NordVPN does not have to spend much on the infrastructure and it does not require much maintenance. When it comes to VPN, NordVPN has to maintain a huge server network and it requires regular maintenance and huge costs will also be involved. But that is not the case with Meshnet and that is the reason why it is free.

Meshnet – Uses

Here are some ways you can use Meshnet.

To Browse the Web While Abroad

When you access your bank website or another website while abroad, the website is most likely to block you as a security measure as you are logging in from an unusual location. When you enable Meshnet on the device you carry with you and on your home computer, you can bypass blocks of all kinds by routing your traffic through the device at your home. When you do so, the website will only see the location of the device at your home, no matter where you are and let you access the website without any issues.

Create Your Own VPN

You can create your own VPN using Meshnet. You can use it to convert your device into a VPN server and let your relatives route their traffic through that device. This way, they will be able to use the internet in their home country no matter where they are. This feature will be of great use when you use the public WiFi network; you can choose to route your traffic through your home computer. Doing so will help you keep your data safe while using a public WiFi network.

Share Files Securely

When you have Meshnet enabled on your device and on that of your friends, you can share photos and videos by connecting those two Meshnet-enabled devices with an encrypted tunnel. Though you can share files on social media apps or send them via email, the file quality may be compressed and the file size might exceed the email service’s attachment limit. While you use Meshnet to transfer files, you can securely transfer them without compromising on the file quality.

Play Multiplayer Games

If you are a fan of online games but hate plugging in cables, you can very well use Meshnet to play multiplayer games with your friends. You can link multiple devices using Meshnet, where your data will flow between the connected devices within encrypted tunnels, thereby giving you a smooth gaming experience.

The Final Word

If you are still wondering what Meshnet is and if it is right for you, you can try it, as it is completely free. All you need to do is to download the NordVPN app and log in to your account and turn on Meshnet to get started.

However, if you are looking for VPN security, we recommend spending a few bucks on NordVPN. NordVPN is a trustworthy VPN service that offers best-in-class security features and offers excellent device compatibility. To know more, head to our detailed review of NordVPN.