nordpass review

What is NordPass?

NordPass is a tool that locks passwords. You can store your passwords using NordPass and hold the key. With this password manager, you can securely store all your important information in the cloud and access them when you need it on your mobile, desktop, or any browser. NordPass will make it easy for you to store your passwords using its free or the premium plan. You can quickly log in and access your accounts without having to remember your password. This way, you can create strong passwords for your online accounts and keep your accounts safe.

NordPass was created by NordVPN’s cybersecurity experts in 2019. Though it is a new password management tool, it is trusted by several people across the globe. This NordPass review gives you an insight into what this password manager is all about.

How Does NordPass Keep You Secure?

NordPass, a secure password manager, keeps you secure in the following ways.

  • NordPass lets you store your passwords and it remembers it for you. All you need to do is to store your passwords so that NordPass will fill them automatically when you complete an online form. While you can create secure passwords for all your accounts, you just have to remember just one password, which is your NordPass master password.
  • NordPass doesn’t just store your passwords, but it also secures them. Using unbreakable and powerful XChaCha20 encryption, it secures your passwords.
  • Though you can store your passwords using NordPass, the tool itself cannot see your passwords as it uses zero-knowledge encryption. You will own the key to the passwords you stored so that no one can open them except you.
  • NordPass helps you generate strong and secure passwords to secure your accounts. You need not worry about remembering your passwords as you can securely store them using this secure password manager.

What Can You Do With NordPass?

  • Store credit card details and use the OCR scanner so that you do not have to type in your credit card details every time you shop online.
  • Store all your passwords and remember just one Master Password to access them.
  • Save other information like your wedding anniversary, WiFi code, alarm system code, etc, so that you can find them easily.
  • You can save your personal info, including your name, phone number, home address, work address, and email address. You can use this information to complete forms online and while you shop online.
  • Create folders and sort your passwords, credit card details, and other information. This way, you can organize things and make them easily accessible.

NordPass Security Features

NordPass will let you simplify your digital life by letting you manage your passwords hassle-free. There is no limit on the number of passwords you can lock using NordPass and you can save an unlimited number of passwords of your favorite apps and accounts. Using the saved passwords, you can log in to your different accounts on any device at any time. NordPass comes with all the features that the advanced password managers offer. Here is a list of all its features.

Features of Nordpass

  • Saves passwords automatically in the cloud
  • Saves names, phone numbers, anniversaries, and addresses so that you can copy and paste them
  • Fills passwords automatically on all platforms
  • Helps create strong and secure passwords using its password generator
  • Comes with extensions for browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Edge
  • Offers apps for Mac, Linux, iOS, and Windows
  • Use just a master password to access the password vault
  • Allows users to access passwords using apps for desktop and mobiles
  • Uses zero-knowledge encryption so that NordPass itself cannot see the stored passwords
  • Offers two-factor authentication and biometric authentication
  • Secures using XChaCha20 encryption algorithm
  • Offers offline mode
  • Helps to check the strength of the password you created
  • OCR scanner to input credit card and other details
  • Helps to store credit card details and other important information securely
  • Quickly import and export passwords via CSV
  • With the free plan, stay active on one device and on six devices at a time with the premium account
  • Share passwords and other information securely with friends and family you trust
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy

NordPass Pricing

NordPass offers two different plans, the free plan and the premium plan. The free plan is free for a lifetime, but it comes with certain limitations. The free plan will let you save an unlimited number of passwords, save other important information like credit card details, and also sync passwords and other details saved to your NordPass account on your different devices. But remember, the free subscription allows you to stay active on just one device at a time.

The premium account comes with additional features. You will be able to stay active on multiple devices at a time and save as many passwords as you wish. It offers cloud backup too. When you go for the premium plan, you will be able to add trusted contacts and share details with them securely.

NordPass offers one month, one year, and two-year plans. You can find the pricing information below.



$4.99 billed monthly
0% Off
Get Free Trial

2 Years

$35.76 billed first 2 years
70% Off
Get Free Trial

1 Year

$23.88 billed every year
60% Off
Get Free Trial

The one year and the two year plans come with 60% and 70% discounts with NordPass Cyber Monday Deal where the two-year plan comes with the highest discount. There is also a money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the service, you can cancel the service within 30 days of subscribing, to get a refund. NordPass accepts Google Pay, credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies.

How to Use NordPass

You can use the same login you use for NordVPN or NordLocker to login to NordPass. Though you can go with the same login, you will need to create a master password to lock your passwords.

If you are not subscribed to NordVPN or NordLocker, follow the steps below to create an account.

  • Visit the NordPass Official Website
  • Click Login at the top right corner
  • In the next window, click Create a Nord Account
  • Followed by that, you will be prompted to enter your email address. Enter it and click Continue and create your password. This password is the password for your Nord account using which you will access your Nord account. You will have to create a new master password for your NordPass account later.

(On the dashboard of your Nord account, you will see NordVPN, NordLocker, and NordPass, all the three Nord products. You can select and use a product only if you are subscribed. You can create a free account for NordLoker and NordPass, but NordVPN does not have a free plan. You will have to pay to use NordVPN.)

  • Now that you are logged in, you can click on NordLocker, on the left.
  • You can either choose to download NordLocker for free or go for the premium plan.

You can then download the NordPass app for the device you wish to use. Once you download the app, you can log in using your login credentials. Followed by that, you can import your passwords and create a master password to access your password vault. Make sure this master password you create is strong enough. This is the only password you will need to remember, as NordPass will store all your other passwords. Once you create a master password, you will also get a recovery key, using which you can recover your master password in case you forget it. Remember, you will not be able to recover your NordPass account if you lose your master password and the recovery key.

Is NordPass Safe?

Yes, NordPass is safe to use.

With strong encryption, zero-knowledge architecture, and two-factor authentication, NordPass uses all the required security measures to protect your passwords. It gives you a master password using which you can log in and access your stored passwords. Using XChaCha20 encryption technology, a high-security lock, this password manager will encrypt your personal details. This encryption technology makes it impossible to break the code and steal your personal data. This encryption technology this tool uses is also used by some large tech giants like Google. This shows that NordPass prioritizes its users’ security and safety.


A secure password manager, NordPass, can be used on tablets, mobile phones, and desktops. Without having to remember all your passwords, in one place, you can save and manage all your passwords for all your online accounts and apps. NordPass will help you take complete charge of your security so that you can rest assured that all your data is under the protection of the security tools of NordPass.

Nord doesn’t just offer a password manager, but it offers two other services, NordVPN and NordLocker, a tool to encrypt files. You can go for NordVPN along with NordPass to enhance your security. However, if you wish to use all three services, you will have to subscribe to them separately and there are no bundle deals available. You can check out our reviews on NordVPN and NordLocker to know more about these two services.